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Playing with Yuumi on Your Team


Yuumi has been out for some time now, and the community’s reactions have been mixed at best. Though she is undeniably unique and can be very fun to play, she had the worst winrate on release of any champion. Riot responded with several fast buffs for her, but there is one thing Riot can’t buff away – she is incredibly team-reliant.

Still being new, teammates are not often used to what she does, and how best to play with her. The sooner they are able to adapt to this new element, the faster her winrate will climb.


Successfully playing with a Yuumi support starts before the game does. The summoner spell selection that produces the highest winrate is Exhaust and Heal. Her You and Me! ability provides excellent mobility as long as teammates are around, and makes it so she rarely needs Flash. Since having two Heals in the Bot Lane is inefficient, this frees up a Summoner Spell for the ADC. While some opt for Cleanse or Barrier for extra safety, the most useful choice is Teleport. Along with being a replacement for Flash, You and Me! allows Yuumi to ride along with teammates as they teleport. The benefits of this are obvious, and are a key part of making Yuumi work.

In Lane

As the ADC in lane with Yuumi, it is important to understand your support. They will likely stay connected to you for a majority of the laning phase, and that’s okay. While connected their poke ability Prowling Projectile is much stronger, and the heal and speed boost from Zoomies! affects you instead. They will likely hop off to ward, as well as to provide another target and source of auto attacks during early skirmishes. Additionally, don’t forget that while attached, she provides her partner with extra adaptive force. Admittedly this is a small amount in the early game, but it is nice as an added bonus.

Along with this understanding of what the Yuumi is doing, the ADC must take a more active role for the pairing to work. When using Prowling Projectile while connected, there is a limited maximum range that it can travel before disappearing. In order for the poke to be useful, the ADC must be careful to not wander away, moving the enemy out of range. At Level 6, the stakes get even higher. Though her ultimate, Final Chapter can be used while separated, it is vital to pay attention to whether Yuumi is attached to you. If so, you are in charge of aiming it, and keeping the enemy within its waves to provide the damage and Root. Too often, a teammate will Flash or dash out of range, ignoring the fact that Yuumi is still attached. While a quick support may still be able to hop off their teammate and engage again, this is valuable seconds wasted.

Team Fights

Yuumi can be hard to keep track of in team fights, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Likely they will be staying on a relatively safe teammate when there is a heavy pick or engage threat from the other team, shooting over to the ADC when they engage in order to buff their damage, and hopping to damaged teammates as needed in order to heal them. Along with quick reactions and game knowledge from the Yuumi, there is one key element to this – proximity.

Her power comes from her extreme mobility and versatility, enabling her to give any teammate Zoomies! and a damage buff, while also repositioning for better poke and safety. Spread too far out though, and you leave her hanging. If caught without someone else to jump to when her anchor dies, there is little chance she will make it out on her own.

Use Her!

There is no point queuing up if you aren’t going to trust your teammates, and that is never more true than with Yuumi. The combination of Zoomies!, Prowling Projectiles, and Final Chapter provide impressive levels of both engage and disengage. If she attaches to you with all of these (and possibly Heal) available, realize that you now have their powers at your disposal, and can likely catch or escape from most targets. Communication is critical here to make sure you are on the same page, so utilize your pings to indicate your intentions.


With Riot working hard to make their new champion more viable, she will likely have a high pick rate in the coming months. The sooner you learn to play with her on your team, the happier your ELO will be.


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