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League of Legends: Golden Guardians Year to Prove

Golden Guardians added Hauntzer, Froggen, and Olleh for 2019

Overall, the 2018 season was an upsetting year for many players, some did worse than expected and others did far better than predicted. Coming into the 2019 Spring Split, every team is striving to be the best. After finishing at the bottom both splits, these players have a lot to prove and are looking to reclaim their spots at the top. The following is a selection of players that could possibly provide some redemption arcs for the coming Spring Split.


In 2018, Hauntzer wasn’t the downfall of TeamSoloMid, but he also didn’t have much presence on the map either. His most notable performances were when he was on champions like Gankplank.

TSM Playoff Profile: Top laner Hauntzer
Courtesy of Riot esports

Hauntzer has always been one of the premiere members on TSM since he first replaced Dyrus in the top lane. He was also one of the few members who remained on the team throughout multiple roster changes. With this being said, once he was able to claim the title as the best top laner in North America, he seemed to grow complacent and stopped showing that same level of dominance.

This was critical in 2018 because he would give avoidable kills to the enemy team and barely warded. Maybe the change of scenery will reignite his passion and make him the best again.


Courtesy of LoL Esports

After an amazing year in 2017, Contractz decided to leave Cloud9 and go to Golden Guardians.

Playing with GGS, he wasn’t able to look as dominant because of how poorly the team did as a whole. He often struggled to find a lane to play through as the team continued to make changes to the roster. Only he and Deftly remained on the starting roster.

Hai was supposed to be the veteran voice on the team but that didn’t work out in the Spring Split. With the current changes, Contractz has the potential to return to form because he has established teammates now.


Photo Via Lolesports Flickr

For many League of Legends fans, everyone remembers Froggen as the Anivia king. He played for Echo Fox in 2017 and was the only member on the team who played mechanically well. Even though his team didn’t play well, he remained among the top five mid laners in North America. His team struggled the entire year so he decided to take a break from the competitive scene.

During his time away, he continued to stream from various regions, like Europe, and sometimes Korea. Many fans have their doubts due to Solo Queue being very different from the LCS.

There are still those who know Froggen can be the best and look forward to him being back in the competitive scene.


Golden Guardians may need to replace Hai in the mid-season
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Deftly was one of the AD Carries who flew under the radar the entire year of 2018. He played every game in the 2018 Summer Split and had the highest KDA ratio of any other ADC.

There were a lot of moments where Deftly helped turn a major team fight around. He also contributed to the wins that they were finally able to find during the beginning and middle of the Summer Split.

Deftly has a lot of pressure because he is surrounded by these veteran players, but with a new Support to help him he has thef space to learn and grow.


Olleh made a name for himself on Immortals in 2017 where he helped them in their Playoff run. They fell short in Finals after losing to TSM but he continued to find success on Team Liquid the next year.

north america's prophecies
Credits: LoL Esports Photos

He was able to help them win back-to-back championships in 2018. His struggle was communication when it came to high-pressure situations. He is still considered one of the best supports in the LCS but he needs to work on a few things.

Olleh looks to prove that he is still one of the best and can help his ADC carry the game. Through his move his motivation has been rekindled. The addition of him in the bot lane can add more pressure against other bot lane duos.


Featured Image from Golden Guardians’ Twitter.

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