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League of Legends’ PENTAKILL Will Perform at the LCS Finals

Pentakill Band

In a press release, League of Legends announced that PENTAKILL, the virtual band would be returning to the stage after many years off. They will be presenting the Opening Ceremonies, presented by Mastercard, at the LA Greek Theater for the LCS Finals. The Mid-Season Showdown is down to the final three teams in C9, TL and TSM. Here is more information on PENTAKILL and their return.

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PENTAKILL were here before KDA and True Damage. They were the original group of virtual singers that truthfully many fans either had forgotten about or who they had never known. Their opening of the MSS LCS Finals will be their first performance since the 2017 album, “II: Grasp of the Undying”.

They are a heavy metal band and feature some prominent members of the League of Legends universe. The current members are Karthus, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Olaf, Sona and Yorick. It stands to reason that one of the new champions from the Shadow Isles, Viego or Gwen will likely join them. It seems most likely that Viego would, as he is The Ruined King.

As was previously mentioned this will also be in collaboration with Jackson Guitars. They will officially come on as the official guitar partner of the LCS.

At the Greek Theatre, Jørn Lande, will perform in-person as the lead vocalist for PENTAKILL. It seems as though he may be technically voicing Karthus or possibly will be an outside member of sorts. 

Either way, for fans of the heavy metal genre and those who loved PENTAKILL when they initially were a part of the League of Legends universe, this will be a welcome return. It is also a bit of a step away from the pop music that the League team has been focusing on lately. It will be interesting to see how new fans react to this group.

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