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League of Legends Patch Notes 9.17: Aurelion Sol and Kayle Get Facelifts

This patch is not a major one for League of Legends. There are some potentially big changes to Aurelion Sol and Kayle but other than that there are a bunch of small changes. The dev team makes a note that they want to wait until after 9.19 to make any major changes. This will be the patch that Worlds will be played on. For now here are some of the changes worth noting.

Aurelion Sol

Courtesy of Riot Games

Outside of seeing use by Huhi, Aurelion Sol has been used and is actually more relevant in Teamfight Tactics. The dev team are trying to make him scale a lot more into mid and late game so they are leaving him a little weaker in the early game.

Passive damage decreased; AP ratio now flat; stars are no longer disabled by CC. Q cooldown now scales; movement speed increased; star will keep up with Aurelion Sol. W now expands stars and rotates at a decaying speed; cooldown increased; cost no longer increases over time. E passive movement speed removed; range and cooldown increased; speed now scales.”

This will hopefully make him a scaling mid laner that can roam as he was intended. It is worth noting that his passive stars will always stay up now which makes a big difference. His damage output will be much higher. Along with this, the range of his E will make his ganks and roaming much more efficient. The loss of passive move speed is not detrimental but will be missed.


While these changes may not make Kayle perfect, they are definitely welcome to those who play her. She was so dependent on getting ahead and surviving into late game. Right now, League of Legends games don’t last long enough for her to scale. These changes are targetted at making her stronger early game and allowing her to become ranged at level six instead of eleven.

Passive bonuses adjusted for all four forms. Q now refunds mana; cast delay, missile speed, and range decreased; cast time updated; enemy shred decreased, but duration increased. E bonus damage decreased later, ratio increased; on-hit ratio updated. R cost now scales; radius increased. We’re shifting power into Kayle’s early game at the cost of some of her late-game carry potential. Kayle should still be a weaker champion early who ascends into a god, but she (and her opponents) should now have more influence on whether or not she gets there.”

With Kayle getting to ranged earlier there is no doubt that this is a solid buff for her. She will be able to be effective in the mid-game while still being weak to start and then growing into a monster in the late game as they have always wanted her to do. It is likely that she will get played top lane still but with these changes it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her potentially in the mid lane as well.

Other Champion Changes and Bug Fixes of Note

Galio is getting some more damage to his Q and a small buff to his W with the minimum and maximum amount of damage his shield can take. While this is not a major buff this should make him a more viable pick in the future for mid lane especially. He should be able to trade better against strong AP mids.

Pantheon was also given some changes to help with his potential to be used in the jungle. His Q has increased damage on targets below 25% of their maximum health. Also, his E has had the monster damage penalty removed. Both of these shouldn’t cause much of a problem in terms of balance but will allow him to be used in the jungle more.

As for bug changes the ones of note are champion’s movement abilities being disabled correctly when grounded. This affects champions like Zac, Malphite, Camille and Fiddlesticks. Also Statikk Shiv won’t hit enemies outside of Mordekaiser’s ultimate when a champion is in it.

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