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League of Legends Patch 10.7 Shows Nerfs to Wukong and Buffs to Nasus and Galio

While there are changes that can still be made, Patch 10.7 seems to be an interesting one for the League of Legends community. In it, Fiddlesticks will be getting his rework released. Also, new skins will be added for characters who have not seen much love like Urgot and those that have like Lux. The important takeaways are the nerfs and buffs to a few specific champions. Mark Yetter posted the changes noting they were almost final.


The Wukong nerf will not surprise many. He was hot fixed very soon after his small rework. But the team still few that small armor changes and damage nerfs to his E were necessary in order to keep him in a safe spot.

Nocturne was also seeing a bit more playtime than Riot was wanting in the mid lane. The nerfs to his MR per level are pretty significant and it will be interesting to see his pick rate into AP matchups even in the jungle.


Headlining the buff is Galio. An old favorite that has not seen much play since the nerfs to his wings of war, it seems like these changes may fix that. Providing a magic shield based on Galio’s max HP to all allies in the area he is jumping to will certainly make him a solid pick for teamfighting comps. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the pro scene as when he is good, he is regularly picked at the highest level.

Lastly, Nasus receives a noteworthy buff. Extending his Wither ability significantly, will make him a nuisance for many top laners even more than he already is. Also the armor shred on his E will be a sneaky addition that could see at least his SoloQ win rate go up significantly. When playing against high-armored champions like Orrn, Shen or even Garen, Nasus can just stand in his AOE and pour on the damage.

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