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League of Legends: MSI Play-in Stage Breakdown by Champions

MSI 2019

With the play-in stage behind us and the main stage before us, let us look upon the meta that is developing over the course of the tournament and patch 9.8.

Most Banned Champions

2017 MSI mid lane power pick: LeBlancWith a total of 37 games played, 75 Champions were picked and/or banned. Those who saw the most bans where Jarvan IV with 23, Jayce with 21, Karthus and Leblanc with 23, Ryze with 17 and Taric with 19. Most of these Champions have the win rates and strength in the meta to be this ban worthy, with two notable exceptions.

Ryze had a 25 percent win rate while being one of the top banned Champions he was also one of the top picked, with 15 games on the rift, nine in the mid lane and six in the top lane. The reason for his poor results might lay in the average game time of the tournament. Ryze is a late-game time bomb, exploding around the 35 minute mark or whenever he has hit three or four items, the average game time for the MSI play-in stage was 31:38, just short of his fuse.

Leblanc is the other exception. She only showed up on stage four times, netting only one win from Tommy “Ry0ma” Le on the OCE team Bombers. This may just come from arrogance on the opponent’s side, every time she was picked it was against teams of higher quality, Liquid and 1907 Fenerbache were the two teams that let her fall through bans and still won the game. Her only win coming against Phong Vu Buffalo on the first day of the tournament.

Top Champions Picked in Each Role


Top lane had the second most unique Champions picked at 19, most of them coming from one-time counters or pocket picks that didn’t really pan out. The most picked Champions were Hecarim with 12 games picked, Irelia with nine, Akali with eight and Jayce with 7. The top three in win rate, with more than five games played, were Jayce at 100 percent, Hecarim at 66.7 percent and Akali at 62.5.


Jungle is in the bottom two for unique Champions, seeing only 16 unique Champions played. The most picked Champions were Rek’Sai at 17 games picked, Jarvan IV and Kindred at 10, Lee Sin at seven and Sejuani at six. The top three in win rate were Jarvan IV at 54 percent, Gragas at 60 percent and Sejuani at 50 percent. Hecarim also gets a shoutout for being flexed to the position and having a 75 percent win rate off of only 4 games played, which just goes to shows his importance and priority in the meta.


Mid lane had the most Champion diversity with 22 unique Champions played. Usually the role with the most freedom to experiment, the tournament saw the rise of mid lane Nautilus, the fall of Lissandra and the rare Renekton. The most picked Champions were Ryze at nine, Zoe at eight, Sylas at 7 and Azir at six. The top three in win rate were Zoe at 75 percent, Sylas at 72 percent and Oriana at 60 percent.


Bot lane had the third most Champion diversity with 18 different Champions played. Five mages were played with Karthus and Sona being the two most picked at three games apiece. With Hiemerdinger, Neeko and Vladimere also seeing the rift. The most picked Champions were Varus at 14, Ezreal and Kai’sa both at 10 and Lucian at 7. The top three Champions in win rate were Kai’sa and Tristana at 60 percent and Ezreal at 50.


Support had the lowest Champions diversity with only 13 different Champions played. This is as to be expected for the role, most support players are pigeon-holed into a group of three or four Champions and a tournament setting exacerbates that. Most teams just spammed Galio, Bruam and Tahm Kench. The most picked Champions were Galio at 22, Bruam at 17 and Tahm Kench at 12. The top three Champions in win rate were Nautilus at 75 percent, Tahm Kench at 58 percent and Taric at 75 percent.


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