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League of Legends: LCK Week 8 Power Rankings

With the regular season nearing its end, the playoff picture is becoming clearer each game. Continuing with recent themes, week 8 was filled with some surprising results. With that being said, it’s time to dive in and see how the power rankings look after LCK week 8! As always, if you missed last week’s power rankings, you can check it out here.

10.Jin Air Green Wings (-)

0-2 vs Kingzone DragonX
Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

Good news for the fans of Jin Air Green Wings: they didn’t have a 0-2 week. The bad news, however, is that it was because they only had one match this week. Once again, it was more of the same for the last place team in the LCK. While they try to make plays happen around the map, nothing seems to click for the team as they were slowly taken apart by Kingzone DragonX.

If there was any good news for Jin Air and their fanbase, it would be that they only have three matches left until the end of the Spring Split. Afterwards, they can get begin to prepare for relegation. Luckily, they’ll have one more chance to pick up another win against KT Rolster next week. Will they be able to beat them and seal KT’s fate at the same time? Only time will tell.

9.KT Rolster (-2)

1-2 vs SK Telecom T1
1-2 vs SANDBOX Gaming
Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

After weeks of surviving in the 7/8th spot on the power rankings, KT’s inconsistent play has finally dropped them to 9th in the power rankings. While they were able to pick up a win in each series of the week, the team looked lost and lacked any proactive play. As such, they suffered yet another 0-2 week.

While KT still has some control over their destiny, they are in a very rough spot. With four fairly winnable matches remaining, including a match against Jin Air, KT has a solid shot at ensure they stay out of relegation. However, they’ve already show that they have so far been incapable of getting upset victories over better teams and this will likely cost them. Whether KT is good enough to survive relegation is another question, but for now they sit at 9th in the power rankings.

8.Gen.G (+1)

2-0 vs Griffin
0-2 vs Kingzone DragonX
Courtesy of: @GenGLoL Twitter

Gen.G are very lucky that ADC Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk remained with the organisation after Worlds. Thanks to the amazing play of Ruler, Gen.G started the week off huge with 2-0 victory over Griffin. However, a 0-2 defeat at the hands of Kingzone DragonX prevents them from rising further than 8th in the power rankings.

While the team are in a good spot to avoid relegation with their victory over Griffin, they’re still in need of major roster changes. Currently, the team is simply too reliant on the performance of Ruler as no one else on the team has shown the ability to consistently step up. Regardless, the name of the game for Gen.G to finish out the season will be survival, and in that sense, they’re doing just fine.

7.Afreeca Freecs (+1)

2-1 vs Griffin
Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

While Afreeca Freecs only had one match this week, they were able to make the most of it as they were also able to pull of the upset victory over Griffin. While Gen.G accomplished their win mostly through the play of one player, the entire Afreeca roster stepped up and played great.

Although a playoff push is impossible at this stage, Afreeca can build off the recent success of this starting roster for the next season and allows them to build some synergy. However, if they continue to make roster changes throughout matches, it’ll likely be another rough season.

6.Hanwha Life Esports (-)

1-2 vs DAMWON Gaming
1-2 vs SK Telecom T1
Courtesy of: Inven Flickr

Another rough week for Hanwha Life Esports as they went 0-2 against teams above them in the standings once again. With some rough matches remaining, Hanwha’s inability to defeat the top tier teams in Korea has likely ended their playoff hopes for the Spring Split.

With another split in the middle of the standings once again, Hanwha need to make some tough decisions going forward. Will they believe in their current players and their continued development? Or will they decide for a quick fix and sign a big player during the break? With pros and cons for both options, Hanwha will need to decide the best way forward. Whatever happens, Hanwha will likely be an interesting team to follow during the break.

5.DAMWON Gaming (-)

2-1 vs Hanwha Life Esports
Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

The addition of top laner Lee “Flame” Ho-jong into the roster continues to be a decision that has been paying off big time for DAMWON Gaming. Thanks to a quick swap to Flame for game 3 against Hanwha Lifes Esports allowed DAMWON to escape the week with a victory in their only series this week. Now the team looks ahead to one more challenge in Griffin.

Going into their match against Griffin and the playoffs, the duo of Flame and Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon will continue to be a massive advantage for DAMWON. While they’ve been all over the power rankings throughout the season, they’ll still be a dark horse to win it all this split.

4.Kingzone DragonX (-)

2-0 vs Jin Air Green Wings
2-0 vs Gen.G
Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

An easy week for Kingzone DragonX means yet another easy 2-0 week for them as well as they’re even closer to locking their spot in the playoffs. While their results this week aren’t all that surprising, the general play of the team has been. While the team heavily relied on ADC Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu at the start of the season, it’s been a lot different recently as everyone has stepped up. One player of note that has been amazing recently is jungler Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan, who has quietly entered the conversation for best jungler in Korea.

With some very easy matches left to finish off the season,  Kingzone should have a great spot in the gauntlet. Much like Hanwha however, it’ll now be a question of if they’ll be able to beat the teams above them. While they have had a better time of it than Hanwha, the road ahead still looks rough.

3.SANDBOX Gaming (-)

2-1 vs KT Rolster
Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

A relatively quiet week for SANDBOX as they made quick work of KT Rolster. With an important match against SK Telecom T1 coming up with playoff implications, SANDBOX will need to maintain their recent level of play in order to beat a SKT squad that looks nearly unstoppable recently.

If they’re able to take out SKT for a second time, SANDBOX could be a huge favorite to win the split. Until then, SANDBOX end week 8 with a victory and remain in 3rd for the power rankings. However, a victory over SKT next week could see them move up once again.

2.Griffin (-1)

0-2 vs Gen.G
1-2 vs Afreeca Freecs
Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

Hell has frozen over and pigs have begun flying. The unthinkable has happened: Griffin lost not one, but two series, in a row. After an amazing week 7, taking out SK Telecom T1 and SANDBOX Gaming, Griffin’s undefeated season seemed all but secured. However, no one was expecting Gen.G and Afreeca Freecs to hand Griffin losses.

While a 0-2 week is troublesome, Griffin can still finish the season strong in the coming weeks and week 8’s performance will be largely forgotten. However, if their struggles continue, it’ll become a worrisome trend for the team. With their placement in danger of being lost, Griffin will need to get it together quickly. While they look forward to finishing the season off strong, they drop for the first time into 2nd on the power rankings.

1.SK Telecom T1 (+1)

2-1 vs KT Rolster
2-1 vs Hanwha Life Esports
Courtesy of: Inven Flickr

While SK Telecom T1 had some close calls in their week 8 matches, as SKT dropped the first game for both series. However, great play from the likes of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, the super team was able to come out with both wins. Along with Griffin’s unfortunate week 8, SKT have dethroned the kings and taken over the top of the power rankings.

However, the split isn’t over yet and SKT still has a chance to take over the top spot in the actual standings too. For that to happen they’ll need some help from other teams too. But more importantly, the need to maintain their level of play. LCK teams beware, SKT is back on top, and they want their throne back.


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Featured image courtesy of LCK flickr.

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