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League of Legends Launches Mecha Kingdom Thematic, Other Changes and a New Type of Content Coming Later in 2020

Mecha Kingdom Jax

The week of 2020 League of Legends road-mapping finally comes to a close today with an announcement covering several facets of the game. Today’s announcement, specifically, covers previewing the new skins coming to the game, updates to events and Eternals, and a teaser for a new type of content coming later in 2020.

Mecha Thematic and Skins

League announced that they will release more skins than they ever have before this year, with over 120 set to release in 2020. To kick things off, a new Mecha Kingdom thematic has launched today featuring Garen, Leona, Draven, Sett and Jax.

Other champions that have been confirmed to be getting skins in 2020 are as follows: Skarner, Xerath, Mordekaiser, Kindred, Rek’Sai, Vel’Koz, Karthus, Sion, Twitch, Taric, Pantheon, Nautilus, Trundle, Bard, Ornn, Taliyah, Lux, Ezreal, Ahri and Kai’Sa. These will come along with many others in 2020. A full gallery of the skins that have been revealed so far can be accessed here, with a teaser of them coming via the featured image of this article and in the image below.

dragon slayer trundle
Dragon Slayer Trundle

Changes to Events and Eternals

First off, in 2020 all major events will feature game modes and even passes will be changed moving forward to feel more rewarding, more flexible and require less of a grind for players to get through. Second, there are some big changes coming to Eternals in 2020. These will no longer be an RP-only feature and the starter series is available for blue essence or RP. Eternals will also be added that can be earned via ranked splits.

Unique Eternals have also been tweaked to track more complex and intricate stats that are unique to your champion. Last, there will be toggles added to mute Eternals as much or as little as a player would like. All of these are set to release early this year, with no exact date given.

New “Type” of Content Coming and More

The final aspect of this is shrouded in mystery as it was confirmed that a new “type” of content is coming later in 2020. Nothing is available to be shown at the moment, but an announcement is expected to come soon. K

Overall, this week has been a big one for League of Legends, with more news on Legends of RuneterraTFT’s new set and mobile release plans and League’s plans for venturing into tabletop gaming, there’s plenty to keep up with in 2020. Make sure to stay tuned here at The Game Haus for all the latest.


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