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League of Legends: Hai Announces the Beginning of RadianceGG

Hai Launches RadianceGG

Over the years, Hai Lam has become one of the most respected faces in all of League of Legends. After moving on from playing competitively, Hai recently joined the analyst desk for LoL Esports. It seemed like he was destined for this role, much like Tony Romo in the NFL because of his shot-calling skills and overall game knowledge.

Hai Lam RadianceGG
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For those who aren’t aware, Tony Romo was a professional quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. His position is incredibly reliant on quick thinking and game knowledge, and after a successful career, Romo pursued broadcasting. Like Romo, Hai adds the perfect amount of humor and dryness that the analyst desk needed. His insight from the competitive scene is very helpful as well.

Nonetheless, Hai has had incredible success in the esports industry and with that he’s launched his own gaming organization.

RadianceGG: Hai’s Project of the Future

With newer teams like EchoFox and FlyQuest surging in the LCS spring split, it’s fair to assume that there will be a new wave of teams taking over in the near future. More recently, Hai announced the “soft launch” of Radiance Gaming on February 19th.

There isn’t a whole lot to comment about, but there are definitely plenty of questions that come to mind. The team’s site, merely has a “coming soon” banner across the entire display. However, Radiance tweeted out that they will be hosting a $10,000 auto chess tournament on March 1st. They’ve come forward with four of the competing players so far and it is likely to expect to see more of the competition as the days pass.

One noticeable feature of Radiance is their passion for respect and positivity. Their motto “Respectful, Friendly and Positive” is labeled both in their social media bios and website. This ties into their name and overall essence of the organization as well. Radiance by definition means light emitted or reflected by something, so hopefully they will be able to emit some light in their game play.

What to Expect From Hai Going Forward

Hai Lam
Image Courtesy of @RiotDash on Twitter

Now that Hai has an entire organization on his plate, it’s hard to think that he’ll keep is current role at the analyst desk . He will likely still play a big role, but as his project grows and gains exposure he’ll have more to think about and work on. However, the ceiling is as high as the sky for Radiance and there is no doubt that Hai will continue his great work as the head of this organization. With his past it would be easy to believe that a League of Legends team would be their first move, but there are so many other popular games that they can work with. It’s safe to say that Radiance Gaming will be a big name in the esports industry in almost no time at all.


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