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League of Legends Confirms new Tabletop Game, TV Show and More About Riot Forge in Latest League 2020 Announcement

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Each day this week, League of Legends is announcing another facet of their Season 2020 plans. Fans have already been able to see the new song and Cinematic, “Warriors” and now will be able to learn more about League’s universe. This will come through an upcoming TV Show called “Arcane,” the new tabletop game, more about Riot Forge and more. Below is a breakdown of all we know thus far.

January 11th Major Announcements

Arcane TV Show: What We Know

  • The show will be released sometime in 2020
  • It is the first-ever animated series produced by Riot Games
  • It will follow two of League’s most popular champions. While unnamed, the show will take place in Piltover & Zaun

Details here are slim, but seeing that this will debut in 2020 is encouraging. More details are likely to continue to surface on this in the coming month, so stay tuned for more ahead.

Riot Forge: What We Know

  • It will be a 3rd Party publishing division of Riot Games that will, among other things, work on single-player games in the League of Legends universe.
  • The first two games will launch before the end of 2020. The first is a turn-based RPG called “Ruined King” and the second is called “Conv/rgence” and will feature Ekko in a platformer with time travel elements within the game.

There is nothing else yet on the two titles or whether Riot Forge is working on anything else for beyond 2020, but this certainly exciting for League fans looking to see their universe expand to other genres.

Image Courtesy of League of Legends

Tellstones Tabletop Game: What We Know

  • The game will be two or four-player and is centered around bluffing the other player. It’s described as a “perfect information” kind of game.
  • It will be based on a game played within Demacia in Runeterra.
  • A full new Tabletop Team has been established at Riot Games and will be exploring additional games beyond Tellstones in the future. More information will be available at this link when information is made available.

Not only is League branching out in genres in video gaming, but they also make the leap to tabletop gaming here. Fans should be excited about this commitment of resources, especially as a way to pull new fans into League that may be less into gaming.

Other Announcements

More lore is going into the Runeterran region of Ionia in 2020, including a new champion named Sett. This comes alongside new Tales of Runeterra short videos to be set in various places around Runeterra including Ionia. This will all be announced and made live throughout the 2020 year.

Otherwise, there is more to come on Legends of Runeterra, TFT and so much more about League of Legends coming in the next few days. Stay tuned for more information here at The Game Haus.



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