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League of Legends: Coming Into Week Three of LCS

Licorice, Imaqtpie, Doublelift and Sneaky have unique Summoner Names

Many teams look stronger or weaker than expected coming into week three of the LCS. 100 Thieves and Golden Guardians, both teams ranked higher than most of the other teams, placed at the bottom in week two. FlyQuest, on the other hand, claims second place when analysts ranked them as a bottom tier team. Each team’s strengths and weaknesses differ coming into week three.

Golden Guardians

GGS built this team to be a super team. Their strength has not shown on stage but there is a lot of potential around this roster. Each player is either known as the best or has come from one of the best teams in the LCS.

GGS Deftly carried the team to a win over C9 in week two

Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Olleh is not doing well on the team, he dies in places where he should not be. Froggen is considered of the best mid laners in the LCS but this has not been shown since his return. He has only looked decent on Leblanc so far. He did not have any impact on the other champions he played in week one and two.

Hauntzer still looks good in the top lane. He is one of the only players on the teams that perform to the standards they are held at. Contractz does not have a lane to play through because of the miscommunication that appears during the game.

They are the underdogs in the LCS but they do not have synergy as a team. They always look unorganized any like there is no communication in game. This is week three so there is room to improve, but if they have another 0-2 week fans will start to panic.

Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming has struggled in the past year but their strong team fighting is resurfacing. This is another team that underperformed during 2018. They always placed around the top five, but last year they did not even make playoffs.

PowerOfEvil was a good addition to this team because he focuses more on what helps the team. He also shows that he is more proactive than their former mid laner. He was a major reason for the 2-0 in week two and he has a lot more to show.

Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Wiggily was another addition to this roster. He showed that he can extend the small leads around the map for his team. He knows how to play to his opponent’s weakness. Santorin could not match Wiggily’s ganks so he farmed in the jungle while Wiggily constantly applied pressure to the lanes. The dominance Wiggily showed against Cloud9 was amazing, he secured every jungler objective for his team.

CLG has the potential to claim a top three spot again, or they may descend against other teams. Week three will show their strengths.


FlyQuest was one of those teams predicted to be at the bottom of the standings in the LCS. Their roster is primarily the same with the addition of Pobelter in the mid lane, and Viper in the top Lane.

Their wins are mostly because of their experience playing with each other where other teams have multiple new players. Pobelter has experience playing with WildTurtle from their time on Immortals.

Image from LoL Esports Flickr

They have many weaknesses that only CLG was able to abuse. Santorin farms most of the early gaming while offering little help to lanes. JayJ only plays tanks because of his tendency to die during roams or being misplaced.

Their team comp builds around excelling in the late game, which causes them to lane passively to scale into the game. Once other teams build their synergy, FlyQuest’s strength will possibly drop.

Team Liquid
Jensen is the Human Torch for week one of the 2019 LCS Spring Split
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Team Liquid is the only team that has not lost a game so far. They have the strength to go undefeated this split. They have the least errors than any other team and always look to be in sync with roams and team fights. Impact has improved a lot this split only adding to the power of TL.

They upgraded to three dominant lanes with one of the best North American junglers. Jensen has been a top three mid laner since he came to the LCS. He has continued to prove that he is the best .

Their closest game was against Clutch Gaming but they still had control over the game the entire time. Clutch Gaming tried to force Doublelift to pick a losing matchup but he proved he is still the best AD carry in the LCS.


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Featured Image by LoL Esports Flickr.

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