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League of Legends

League of Legends Arcane Release Date Has Finally Been Revealed

League of Legends Arcane Release Date

After a lot of teasing and the knowledge that Arcane would be coming to Netflix sometime in the fall, the League of Legends Arcane Release Date has finally been revealed. A new full-length trailer for the first-ever League of Legends-inspired show gave a lot more structure to the story along with its release date. The show will release in three acts. Here is a look at the trailer along with when the show will release.

Arcane will have three acts with three episodes each. It is not currently known how long each episode will be. The first act which will include episode one of the show, will be arriving on Netflix on November 6 at 7 pm PST. This will conveniently be the day after Worlds 2021 ends and the League of Legends World Championship team is crowned.

lol Arcane Release Date
lol Arcane Release Date

After that, the next two acts will come out in subsequent weeks. Riot Games loves to do things in their own fashion and it seems like this will be another way for them to do that. By giving three episodes a week, fans can binge a bit and still have to wait to see what happens next.

The trailer also revealed more about the storylines of the show. It will still be based on Jinx and Vi’s relationship and upbringing. That said, there is a lot more happening in the League of Legends universe and other champions or characters from it will have major stories as well.

Jinx and Vi
Jinx and Vi

Everyone already knew about Caitlyn, Jayce and Viktor being in the Netflix adaption for League of Legends. But, it seems as though other champions will be making their way on the big screen as well. Heimerdinger was one that no one knew about previously and surely there will be many others.


Surely, League of Legends fans around the world will be giving this show a try and if all things go well, this likely won’t be the last time Riot Games brings their universe to life in this format.

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