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League of Legends Ahri Visual Update Announced

Once of Riot’s favorite champions, Ahri, is receiving a visual update in 2022. The champion’s design has been a little outdated as of late. Her splash arts flaunt in wonderful ways, but many of her skins alongside abilities lack the charm that they used to. And considering the champion is one of the most popular picks among casual players, she’s very much in need for this update. Therefore, the visual update targets her in game model, animations, and splash arts to revamp the champion.

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What should Players Expect?

Though there haven’t been any actual visual leaks of Ahri’s visual update, expect something along the lines of Caitlyn’s revamp. In essence, Ahri’s moves will look drastically different, with crisper aesthetics catering towards the more modern look. As of now, Ahri barely moves while utilizing her skills. In essence, she doesn’t show drastic animations.  Likely, Ahri’s attacks will now show more drastic movement, highlighting the champion’s flashy plays.

Hopefully, nothing like Caitlyn’s visual update occurs where its mechanics become altered. This update should be purely aesthetic, impacting none of Ahri’s actual in game mechanics. But who knows, Riot may once again think some of Ahri’s comboing was unintended.

In Conclusion

If all goes well, rejoice in the new changes soon to come. Ahri doesn’t necessarily look bad at the moment, but she definitely seems a little outdated. In Riot’s attempt to modernize the champion is sure to go well, bringing some much needed light to Ahri’s in game charm. Of course, many of the splash arts will be revamped as well. There was a lot announced in the Riot Games 2022 stream, so to keep up with more of the news updates, check out more on The Game Haus.

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