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League Of Legends: 3 Unlikely Game Changers for 100 Thieves

With the playoffs coming into full effect this weekend, it’s time for off-season teams to make moves. Having poor Spring Splits themselves, its high time for the bottom teams to take a look at their rosters. That being said, here are some possible choices for 100 Thieves Roster moves for Summer Split.


Damonte - Mid Laner for Clutch Gaming
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

While all three choices in this group are unlikely to happen over the course of the off-season, Damonte from Clutch Gaming replacing Huhi solves a lot of 100 Thieves’ roster problems. Not having Huhi on the roster closes off easy translation for Bang and Ssumday, but with his performance so far, it’s almost a non-issue at this point. Damonte was born in the US (not an import) and is a solid rock for mid-lane for any team.

While he and his team may have shown a weak Spring Split, it’s a safe bet to assume Damonte is an upgrade from Huhi. With Week Nine’s roster change having Piglet mid and CodySun at ADC, maybe Clutch doesn’t think Damonte is 100% safe. If anything, this is the last option you’ll see from these three, even with the next two players’ pasts factored in.


Dardoch - Jungler for Optic Academy
Dardoch (Courtesy of LoL Esports)

Yet another unlikely choice would be Dardoch from Optic Academy. One of North America’s greatest junglers to debut, Dardoch, would be a huge transition from AnDa in the jungle role. Being seen as toxic in his past, he’s well known for speaking his mind during games. On top of that, if kept under wraps, his voice could be a leading change for the 100 Thieves cast.

As far as the Roster is concerned, they can’t seem to find themselves on the same page. Dardoch’s voice and expertise in the jungle role could assist Aphromoo in shotcalling to a great degree. This could create a similar effect that Meteos and Aphromoo had during the 2018 season for 100 Thieves.

A strong issue with inquiring Dardoch, however, could be his past with Aphromoo. In an official statement released by CLG in July of 2017, Dardoch was released from their roster. This, at the time, was when Aphromoo and Huhi were both on the team. The jury is still out on his relationship with Huhi and Aphromoo however. CLG stated Dardoch wasn’t meeting expectations they set for each player, likely meaning they’re on good terms.


Meteos - Jungler for Optic Gaming
Meteos (Courtesy of LoL Esports)

Mr. Problem Child himself, Meteos. Previously, he occupied a spot on 100 Thieves roster during their first inception. Despite that, he ended up asking for a trade right before Rift Rivals. 100 Thieves rushed Meteos’ trade for AnDa pretty quickly after that. Both parties didn’t really give each other a chance to work things out and it caused quite a large backlash for the Organization. Despite this, maybe differences could be set aside and Meteos could return to the roster stronger than before.

Like before, Meteos and his veteran status brought help for the team in communication during the 2018 Season. In a meta that consisted of ADC funneling and junglers playing the support role, Meteos and Aphromoo handled business week in and week out. The solid communication coming from a veteran player that has proven time and time again that he can play with the best is exactly what 100 Thieves need right now. If all else fails, their ability to shotcall in game alone could salvage the poor team synergy that they’re showing right now.


Any of these players could make great changes for 100 Thieves roster for Summer Split. Despite that, all three aren’t that likely to happen. Dardoch and Meteos both occupies spots on Optic and may have bad blood with the Org or certain starters. Even with their rough Spring Split, Clutch giving up Damonte has next to zero chance as well. Nevertheless, the offseason for teams not making playoffs could be completely random with how LCS has gone in its recent past.

You never know, maybe the off-season team’s will surprise all of us for the Summer Split.


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Romnys Gonzalez (@RomnysGonzalez) March 30, 2019 at 1:17 am

I dont think Meteos is coming back to 100T. GoldenGlue+Dardoch could be a SICK pick up


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