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League of Legends: 100 Thieves Struggle in Week One

With the start of the LCS Spring Split, a lot of teams look stronger than predicted and others look weaker. During the first week, 100 Thieves struggled to find advantages around the map, ending with a 0-2 score. This team was ranked among the top 3 based on their preseason moves. 100 Thieves performance was not what people predicted but there are multiple reasons why.

Game 1

In game one, it felt like AnDa lacked any pressure around the match. He had no effect on the games and was outclassed by Akaadian. He played an aggressive champion but he lacked map pressure and struggled to secure objectives.

NA LCS Third Place Decider
Courtesy of LoL Esports

In the top lane matchup, many favored Ssumday due to him being the main powerhouses on this roster. His mechanics on Viktor seemed to be mediocre. He started off the game slightly ahead of BrokenBlade, but soon fell behind because his opponent was able to assist his team more. He was almost out of place every time TSM was starting a team fight or an objective.

In the mid lane, Huhi struggled to match Bjergsen’s roams and also made them fall even further behind. He was held up in lane because Bjergsen was easily able to shove the wave.

Bot lane went even but later began to fall behind as TSM started to make moves around the map to add pressure to all lanes. Bang had an exceptional performance but it was good enough to carry the game in the position they were sitting in.

Overall, TSM had control of the game from the beginning, they were able to be proactive and take over the game completely. The team as a whole looked like they didn’t practice and lacked synergy.

Game 2

In game two, mid lane took the biggest hit. Huhi struggled in the lane against Nisqy and offered no pressure around the map. He gave first blood over to Nisqy and became useless the rest of the game. Each time that he tried to help another lane, it caused him to give over a kill in return. The purpose of signing him to the team was so that he would be able to extend the lead of other lanes.

AnDa still struggled to find picks around the map as Svenskeren helped his team, Cloud 9, snowball the game against 100 Thieves. Almost every play that he went for resulted in him and some of his teammates dying.

Courtesy of LoL Esports

Within the top lane, Ssumday fell behind due to Svenskeren being able to give Licorice the extra support in that lane. C9 was also able to roam more effectively and claim most of the objectives around the map.

A lot of the plays made by Aphromoo looked forced and like there was a miscommunication throughout the team. He tried to help his team scale back in the game but it was nearly impossible. C9 was almost always together when it came to team-fighting.

Multiple time, Bang was zoned off from team-fights or was unable to help due to how fast his teammates were dying.

This team had a terrible performance in the first week but there is still a lot of time for them to come to form and improve.


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