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League of Legends: 100 Thieves LCS Week 2 Preview

Summer Split Week 2 - 100 Thieves Preview

It’s that time again, Week 2 of the LCS Summer Split is underway starting on June 8. Heading in to the second week at 0-2, 100 Thieves have a lot on their plate. In a weak showing against their first two opponents, Counter Logic Gaming and Optic Gaming, the Thieves have a lot to make up for here in Week 2. On June 8, 100 Thieves will face off against Team Liquid, a team who has had their number. The following day, the Thieves take on Clutch Gaming – the “Red Rivalry”, as some like to call it.

Match 1 – Team Liquid

Team Liquid - DoubleLift, Jensen, CoreJJ

Courtesy Of LoLesports

100 Thieves as a team are heading in to their toughest match-up going in to Week 2 this split. Team Liquid, the reigning champions, have always had 100 Thieves number. Currently, the Thieves are sitting on a 2-11 record against Team Liquid. As it stands, no one can deny the fact that the team has always struggled to fight against the team. As most expect, despite Team Liquid’s faltering against Echo Fox in Week 1, the match should be entirely one sided.

In both of the matches during the Spring Split, 100 Thieves were behind roughly 5k gold by the 20 minute mark. Not just that, both games lead Team Liquid to a 10k gold lead and complete objective control. To compare, for every Dragon and Tower taken by 100 Thieves, Team Liquid took three or more back. Things could be different with their first matchup this split, however.

After the acquisition of Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider, if the Thieves want to pose a threat to Team Liquid they need to use their jungler’s strengths well. Amazing’s ability to be vocal and dictate his team through the early game, in tandem to working as a team, could create situations in which 100 Thieves can pressure the map against Team Liquid.

Their weakest, despite still being strong, link would be top lane. Both Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho and Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong have had great past performances in their career but as far as carry matchups are concerned, Ssumday is the carry top. If the Thieves can create pressure through Amazing and Ssumday on the top side of the map against Jake Kevin “Xmithie” Puchero and Impact, and that’s a big if, they may create openings to bring themselves their first win.

Match 2 – Clutch Gaming

The Red Rivalry. 100 Thieves vs. Clutch Gaming has been a staple for the two teams since their entry into the LCS. In non-playoff format games, 100 Thieves has won 100 percent of the time against Clutch Gaming. To say the rivalry wasn’t alive and kicking would be disrespectful to both parties. Heading in to their matchup this weekend, both teams sit at 0-2 in the standings after Week 1. Despite that, the Thieves should be confident heading into this match.

Both of these teams faced off against Optic Gaming. While Clutch Gaming seemed to be better off against the Green Wall, both teams showed signs of life against a currently 2-0 team. With that being the case, one thing that could flip the entire match-up on its head would be the mid laners for both teams.

MatchUp to Watch – Soligo vs. Damonte

100 Thieves Mid Lane - Soligo
Courtesy of LoLesports Flickr

In the matchup against Clutch Gaming, the mid lane will determine whether or not 100 Thieves can keep their streak against Clutch alive. Max “Soligo” Soong vs. Tanner “Damonte” Damonte will be a matchup that can be abused and torn to shreds if Clutch can focus their efforts well enough. Given his rookie status and the overall talent on Clutch’s roster, Soligo could have a tough time going in to this match.

With how the match against Optic Gaming went, forcing your way through mid has been shown as a viable strategy. Focusing on the mid-jungle duo for Clutch and constantly camping themselves mid lane against Soligo could create difficulties for 100 Thieves. In turn, if 100 Thieves can use that to their advantage by moving Amazing all over the map to pressure side lanes there won’t be many issues at all. Nevertheless, 100 Thieves should be able to pool their efforts together well enough to continue their streak against Clutch Gaming.

Prediction – 100 Thieves go 1-1 Week 2

Going into Week 2, 100 Thieves should be able to pick up their first win for the Summer Split. The match against Team Liquid could go either way if we see a different look for the Thieves than in Week 1. If not, this match should be completely one sided for Team Liquid yet again. For Clutch Gaming, their sights should be set on a quick and easy finish. Finishing at 1-3 overall is a lot better than 0-4 for their mental status. If somehow the Thieves go 0-2 this week, expect another mental boom to be incoming. Summer Split Week 2 will dictate how 100 Thieves finish out this split.


Featured Image Courtesy Of LoLesports Flickr

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