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LCS Week 9 Spotlight: Tristan ‘Zeyzal’ Stidam of Cloud9

Zeyzal's stunning Week 9 performance earns him a place in the LCS Spotlight

After nine competitive weeks, the 2019 LCS Summer Split has finally come to a close. With the Summer Playoffs around the corner, some players have checked out and come to terms with their position in the league. Tristan ‘Zeyzal‘ Stidam is not one of those players. Instead of relaxing before playoffs, he was busy leading Cloud9 to a 2-0 weekend in Week 9, putting him in the spotlight.

No Days Off

Compared to some of the other leagues across the globe, the LCS isn’t as competitive. The parody of the league has often reflected the success of one or two teams, whereas the rest remain lost in their dust. This often causes a lot of turmoil among struggling teams, as well as the top contenders. A lot gets questioned when the stakes aren’t as high, especially when the competition itself is almost over.

Zeyzal dominates in Week 9, putting him in the LCS Spotlight
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

Despite the past narrative of the LCS, Zeyzal has made sure to take advantage of each and every stage appearance he’s given. This was seen in Week 9, as Cloud9 had already secured their spot in the Summer Playoffs, but were unsure of their placement. With seeding on the line, Zeyzal delivered in each of C9’s three matches. His scoreline of 1/4/47 emphasized how important he was to his team’s success, considering his participation. Zeyzal stayed involved in almost every way possible, helping Cloud9 secure the 2nd overall spot in the league.

Able and Gifted

With so many talented Supports in the LCS, it’s easy for Zeyzal to get swept under the rug. However, he’s still able to hold is own, no matter his opponent. This has been seen all season long, especially against the league’s front runner: Team Liquid.

Like most other top tier Supports, the name of the game for Zeyzal is controlled aggression. This typically requires a lot of coordination with other teammates, considering both the risks and rewards that go into playing aggressive. Luckily for Zeyzal, the rest of Cloud9 are as capable as him, resulting in many successful conversions. The one thing that separates Zeyzal from the rest of his peers is his ability to convert on almost any play. His precision, timing and game knowledge make it nearly impossible for opponents to play against him when he’s got it going. Once in a rhythm, Zeyzal becomes the glue in Cloud9’s play-making strategies.

There aren’t many Supports that are as consistent as Zeyzal, both in lane and during team fights. His execution and awareness typically allow for smoother opportunities for him and his team. He’s had hiccups every now and again, but for the most part Zeyzal has been one of the key components in Cloud9’s success this split. It seems like he’s gelling nicely with his teammates and doing what’s asked of him on the rift.

How High Can Cloud9 Go?

In this week's LCS Spotlight, Zeyzal gets featured after a dominating performance in Week 9
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

If the Summer Split says anything, it’s that Cloud9 are ready to soar. There were a few slip ups along the way, but all that matters is where they are now. With the help of Zeyzal and potential MVP candidate Dennis ‘Svenskeren‘ Johnsen, C9 have a real shot at contending for the Summer Championship. Their progression over the course of this season has been incredible thus far, as they look more rounded and polished.

For Zeyzal, the sky is the limit in terms of his ceiling. As long as he continues his current level of play, Cloud9 will remain a force in the LCS and give teams like Team Liquid a run for their money. His Week 9 performance was substantial enough for his team to coast to three wins, including an important tiebreaker over CLG. Don’t expect much to change for Zeyzal and Cloud9, because they’re just getting started.

Featured Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

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