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LCS Stats Standouts: 100 Thieves, Raes, Tactical, Xin Zhao

Tactical currently has the highest damage per minute in the world.

North America’s LCS closes its first round robin this weekend, and the results may surprise some people. Teams that were not so hot in Spring Split are suddenly competing in Summer. Some of the top teams have started slow. And some teams have stayed relatively the same. These first 30 games have produced some LCS stats that really stand out, and deserve recognition.

100 Thieves – 2.39 K:D

What a crazy time to be a 100 Thieves fan. This team has bounced back to Lock In tournament form, with the addition of Abbedagge and Reapered in the midseason. 100 Thieves is obviously excelling in many things at the moment, but the team’s overall 2.39 KDA is actually incredible. It’s currently the highest of any major region team. Edward Gaming and LNG Esports are the next highest globally, holding 2.0 and 1.98 KDAs, respectively. 

Abbedagge and FBI lead the team individually with 13.4 and 11.5 KDAs, respectively. These two carries just do not die easily. Among major region players with three or more games played, 100 Thieves mid and bot laners are second and fifth globally in KDA. The LEC’s Vetheo and Rekkles occupy first and third, followed by the LCK’s Peanut in fourth. Averaging one or fewer deaths per game is pretty outstanding. 

IMT Raes – 460 Gold per Minute

Nobody expected Immortals to look this good after their Spring Split performance. They did not announce any roster changes in the midseason. It seems like time and a shifting meta have allowed Immortals to start Summer Split with a bang. Raes, in particular, has caught the fans’ attention by racking up big numbers. He and Destiny set an all-time LCS stats record against CLG, with a 3,861 gold difference at 15 minutes. 

Raes is pretty high on the global GPM list.
Raes is pretty high on the global GPM list.

So Raes’ gold per minute is skewed quite a bit by this one game, but, nonetheless, he currently ranks eighth globally among major region players with at least three games played. Several bot laners  and a couple of solo laners are higher on the list. It’s no surprise they are prioritizing the Jinx pick for him. This rise out of Raes and Destiny has given the team much more firepower, compared to Spring Split.

TL Tactical – 732 Damage per Minute

Team Liquid has looked a bit rough around the edges these first couple weeks of LCS. However, Tactical is currently pumping out the most damage in the world. Followed by players like Ruler, Elk, Nisqy and Nuguri, Tactical has been a stand out in the bottom lane. TL’s longer average game time, combined with poke champions like Ezreal and Varus, give Tactical plenty of opportunities to dish the damage. 

Interestingly, FlyQuest’s Johnsun is currently sixth on the list for damage per minute. He makes up 36.5 percent of FlyQuest’s damage, while Tactical is 33.4 of TL’s. Bottom laners in the LCS and LCK, as well as LEC and LPL solo laners, make up the most damage in the world. It’s cool to see Tactical and Johnsun towards the top of the list. 

Xin Zhao – 53% Presence, 83% Win Rate

Xin got his first games played in the LCS.
Xin got his first games played in the LCS.

Everyone is having fun throwing around the ability name “Wind Becomes Lightning,” but is anyone seeing how strong Xin Zhao is in North America? Of all champions with three or more games played in LCS, Xin Zhao has the second-highest win rate. He has the third-highest presence behind pick-or-ban Rumble and Udyr. Meanwhile, internationally, Xin also falls behind Gwen, Lee Sin, Nocturne and Viego in terms of presence (yes, skewed by being flex champs). Also, his 69 percent win rate is a bit lower than in the LCS.

Interestingly, Josedeodo was the first major region player to draft Xin Zhao this split (Europe’s domestic leagues prior to that), and the jungle champion has remained somewhat popular globally since. Not to mention, 100 Thieves’ Closer has gone two-for-two on Xin. Since 100T is doing so well in Summer Split, their last three games have all featured the Rumble-Udyr match-up. It seems no one is willing to ban the champion, and they would rather both junglers get the OPs than pit their jungler versus Closer’s Xin without the OPs. 100 Thieves is shaping the meta, and Xin Zhao priority is part of that.

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