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LCS Recap: TSM vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid MSI 2019

In a repeat of the Spring 2019 Finals Team SoloMid took on Team Liquid in the first week of the LCS Summer Split. TSM seeks to gain revenge on TL following their heartbreaking reverse sweep in the finals. A win would bode well for both sides with TSM and TL looking to secure their seventh and fourth North American Championships respectively.

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Draft Phase

There was nothing surprising coming from the sides of Team Liquid and TSM. Team Liquid continued right where they left off by drafting a strong team fighting composition with the main focus on early game aggression. TSM, on the other hand, opted for a more scaling composition that could still pose a threat in the early game with Irelia and Galio.

From TSM’s perspective, this was a peculiar and frustrating draft. TSM in Spring was known for their fast-paced early game, lead through powerful early game team compositions. One of TSM’s biggest faults in Spring was their ability to close out games – despite being one of the fastest early game teams in the league, TSM was one of the slowest teams in finishing games. This draft made no sense for TSM as they moved away from what made them a strong team.

Early Game

The game started as expected on the side of TSM with each lane gaining a small advantage. The game saw it’s first action in the 5th minute through an overextension by Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik which allowed Jake Kevin “Xmithie” Puchero to successfully punish the TSM Top Laner for first blood.

This was where the game plan would go out the window for Team SoloMid, throughout Spring Broken Blade received the most resources from Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham, allowing him to effectively snowball the games out of control. Team Liquid made sure that this time Broken Blade never got off the ground.

With his Top Laner essentially neutralized, Akaadian knew his attention must turn to the Bot Lane to stop the bleeding. This was not the case however as ten minutes into the game a huge fight broke out in the Bottom Lane – TSM managed to get a kill onto Xmithie, however the damage had been done. Yiliang “Peter” “Doublelift” Peng was able to secure himself a triple kill – leaving himself in a state that TSM could not deal with.

TL Comfortably Dispatch TSM

By the 20 minute mark, TSM’s game plan had gone out the window. They were down 8k gold with a weak team fighting composition when put behind. TSM, however, did spring into life in the 20th minute with two quick kills in an attempt to claw back the gigantic gold lead.

Despite securing a couple of kills, TSM were not able to mount a comeback. Team Liquid forced them into face-checking blind areas of the Baron pit, without certain vision TL were able to cleanly secure Baron. Team Liquid was able to successfully crack the base of TSM through their Baron power play. The game was finally over for TSM after a failed defense at their Nexus Towers which saw TL pick up the victory


TSM chose the wrong opponent to play a scaling team composition into, despite taking a break after the Mid Season Invitational TL did not show any signs of rust. One of the obvious mistakes TSM made was forcing themselves onto picks such as Ezreal and Galio – a lane which is extremely vulnerable to pressure from Team Liquid. For TSM they need to bounce back quickly as they face up against a CLG team fresh off of their first win against 100 Thieves.

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