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LCS Recap: Clutch Gaming vs Golden Guardians

Clutch Gaming rolled into Week 2 looking for redemption after some weak performances in Week 1. Despite their losses, CG had a clear game plan and looked much more proactive in their match against C9, giving some hope to Clutch fans. However, they faced their toughest opponent yet this split in the Golden Guardians, read how they did below.

Pick and Bans

CG vs GGS Full Draft

Like most matches, Clutch began their draft by immediately banning League’s newest champion, Yuumi. CG utilized a flex pick in Sylas, then gave Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon his signature Rumble for the top lane. The Golden Guardians put their faith in Henrik “Froggen” Hansen again and allowed him to draft the Corki into Tanner “Damonte” Damonte’s Sylas. Cody Sun prepared for the late game, drafting Jinx giving himself the ability to absolutely melt neutral objectives like baron and drakes.

CG Damonte is The Thing for week one of the 2019 LCS Spring Split
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Early Game

Clutch kicked off the match with an early invade into GGS’ top side jungle looking to make an early pick. However, Huni barely missed catching out Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell with a slow.

CG opted to move back down into their own jungle and take their own red buff. In just under 6 minutes, Clutch sent a 5 man dive into the bot lane allowing Cody Sun to take two plates while Damonte and Nam “Lira” Tae-yoo got kills of their own. Clutch’s gold advantage and lane swap allowed them to easily take the cloud drake. Clutch continued to snowball their dominance over neutral objectives by taking Rift Herald and the top outer tower uncontested. Cody Sun continued to apply pressure in the bot lane taking the outer tower and assisting Lira in killing the mountain drake.

Late(r) Game

cody sun
cody sun

CG continued to snowball their lead after finding a pick onto Hauntzer in the top lane and giving Cody Sun’s Jinx the opportunity to take the midlane outer tower as well. However, GGS tried to even things up as Froggen’s Corki would take the bot lane outer tower. In an attempt to turn the tides, GGS’ “Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung hooked Lira trying to find a quick pick. Nevertheless, Clutch turned things around, killing three Golden Guardians while taking both the infernal drake and the inner mid tower.

Clutch began to take over the game as they took baron uncontested and began to seige the GGS base. GGS managed to find two kills onto Huni and Lira, however, Clutch easily reset and continued to seige the base. In a final team fight, Cody Sun would get a massive triple kill and help his team find the ace as they pushed into the Golden Guardian base and would find their upset victory.

Closing Thoughts

As the shoutcasters stated, this style of Clutch team comp is what works best for them. Clutch needs to draft team fight focused team compositions and play through Cody Sun in the bot lane. If Clutch can find performances like this throughout the split they could make a serious push for a playoff spot.

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