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LCS Power Rankings Week 6: In the Endgame Now

The final week of the regular Spring Season is finally here. This coming weekend will mostly determine where the top teams are positioned heading into the playoffs. Immortals are the only team left that are on the outside looking in with a chance at making a final push. With that all in mind, here are the final regular-season Spring power rankings.

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1. Cloud9

There is no doubt that C9 are hitting a rough patch right now. Back-to-back losses against TL and TSM have certainly pointed out some flaws with the team. Their drafts have been a little suspect and the execution has been lacking. Even still, they are the best team in the LCS. The main reason behind this is that in a best of three situation, they are still going to be favored over every other team. There are two teams nipping at their feet though and they will have to have a good week 6 in order to stay on top.

2. Dignitas

At the start of the season if anyone seriously predicted this team to ever be ranked in the top two then they are either psychic or psychotic. That aside, DIG are legitimately a good team and there is a good chance they stay in the top two. With a 2-0 record over TSM and a chance at a faltering C9 in the final weekend, DIG are in a great position. They still need to keep the pedal to the metal as they have easily the toughest week 6 of the top three teams. If they finish strong and takedown C9, Dignitas would likely finish first in the LCS at the end of the regular season for the first time in their history.

3. TSM

Throwing to DIG is likely the only thing keeping TSM from being at the top. They were able to take down C9 and 100T while proving that they were able to come back from a terrible deficit. TSM have the easiest weekend of the top teams and need to take advantage of that. It feels like it should be a 3-0 week for TSM but considering how they’ve played lately, they likely find a way to go 2-1. Either way, this weekend should be a great chance for TSM to prepare for playoffs.

4. Team Liquid

Beating C9 and then losing to CLG, name a more TL thing to do this season? At some point Jensen has to start doing more and Tactical needs to stop making major mistakes. For Tactical, these mistakes are ones that just require him to be paying more attention. Jensen on the other hand has seemed off all year. For TL to be the team everyone expects them to be, their two carries just have to be better. Otherwise, they may bow out of the playoffs way earlier than planned.

5. 100 Thieves

Beating Golden Guardians saved their weekend but 100 Thieves have some serious issues and they are not all stemming from the mid lane. The whole team has struggled since the meta shift a couple of weeks ago. Now they have slipped all the way to losing their chance at being top four. Without it, they miss out on the double-elimination portion of the playoffs. This does not bode well for them. It will be interesting to see who starts in the final week at mid. No matter who it is, the whole team needs to step up and quickly.

6. Evil Geniuses

While beating 100 Thieves earlier in the season meant a lot, in their current state it means much less. Losing after that to Immortals especially hurt EG as they are now 0-2 against them on the season. One win this weekend could be enough to secure a playoff spot for EG. Unfortunately, they have to face TSM, TL and then a much stronger CLG team. They need to cut down on the many mistakes that they are making or they may end up watching the playoffs from home.

7. Immortals

The most important statistic for Immortals is the one that sees them with a 2-0 over EG who are only one game ahead of them for playoffs. Outside of those wins Immortals have really only beaten the bottom teams while even losing to GG and CLG. Now they stare down the barrel of what will easily be the toughest weekend of the year for them. If they are able to get through the gauntlet of 100T, TSM and C9 with at least a 2-1 record then they will likely have earned their playoff spot.

8. CLG

After seeing how this team has played since Broxah has joined, there is little to no doubt that they would be at least contending for a playoff spot. They are still weirdly the best early-game team in the LCS but need to shore up, well, basically everything else. This weekend they have a chance to play spoiler for C9 and EG as their Spring season comes to a close. Look for CLG to come back with a vengeance in the Summer.

9. FlyQuest

For some reason, FlyQuest just have TSM’s number. Other than that, their Spring has largely been a disappointment. The team seems to just be on completely different wavelengths most of the time. Whether this is the players or coaching staff, something will need to change over the break. Individually most of FlyQuest have had great moments where it is clear that they are talented enough to be at this level. Unfortunately for them, something is not working and it has ultimately lead to an awful Spring.

10. Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians made it very clear early on that they were going young and that good or bad they would stick with it. Credit goes to them for keeping their word even though most of their games have been absolutely abysmal. Luckily they do have some wins and definitely aren’t in discussion for worst team in LCS history. Honestly, considering how little experience nearly every player on their team has it could have been worse. Once the Spring is over, it will be interesting to see what GG do during the break.

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