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LCS Power Rankings: Week 6

LCS Power Rankings

The LCS heads off to begin Week 7 with a couple of teams making roster moves. CLG stays the course with The Notorious POB while Jonathan “Grig” Armao is having some déjà vu on DIG. With this week’s matchups, fans will start to see some teams break away from ties to try and solidify their chances for the playoffs. In fact, many of the teams that are tied will be playing each other this week, all but ensuring some movement in the standings. With that being said, here’s how the TGH crew ranked the LCS teams heading into Week 7. 

1. Cloud9

Cloud9 continues to look unstoppable, even when they seem to lose draft (see game vs Dignitas), they still stomp their competition. This week GG and TSM are on deck which should see C9 continue their impressive run to 14-0.
– Tyler Dunderdale

2. Flyquest

FlyQuest sit with a 2-game lead over the three teams in third place after a 1-1 Week 6. Sure, they lost to C9, but so has everyone else. After that loss on Saturday, FlyQuest came roaring back with a convincing victory over Dignitas. C9 may have knocked FlyQuest down, but they got back up again, just as strong as ever.

  • Richard Imp

3. Team SoloMid

LCS Power Rankings

Via LoLEsports Flickr

TSM had a disappointing week, but still remain at the number three overall power ranking. Most of this, it seems, was born out of their strange draft choices, something that G2 was able to ride through over in the LEC and remain at first overall. However, this week may change all that. TSM sits tied for third along with TL and Immortals, but has a much tougher weekend. Going up against both C9 and Flyquest, TSM will be hard-pressed to find a win. If they have another 0-2 week, they may be sitting outside the playoff picture by the week’s end. More troubling news would mean that the last two weeks TSM would be fighting for their spot in the standings against teams doing the same. It’s time for this team to find their mojo, or this may be a split that comes undone.

  • Dalton Jewell

4. Team Liquid

Team Liquid finally looked strong and capable this week. Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen is finally looking well with the team and showing just what TL can do at full strength. Though Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng didn’t play last week, (and may not play this week), the rest of the team was playing well. The result was a standings boost with a 2-0 week. 

  •  Pranav Chaudhari 

5. Immortals

Lucky–that’s how so many fans feel about Immortals. They are lucky they pulled off their win versus CLG. If they had another 0-2 week, losing to GG and CLG, then Immortals would for sure drop in the power rankings. Right now only C9 and FLY are clearly ahead, but this DIG-TSM-TL-IMT clump is dangerous for Immortals. Another poor showing and they drop from thirdish to sixth or seventh overnight.

  • Thomas Baker

6. Dignitas

Dignitas are currently tied for sixth place along with 100T, GG, and EG. They’ve dropped the past three games, which haven’t looked great. Thankfully, this week allows DIG to play GG and 100T, allowing them to try and separate themselves as one of the better mid-tier teams. Now, with Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham in the jungle, maybe they can get some early game ganks going.

  • Dalton Jewell

7. Evil Geniuses

EG has been getting better every week. However, in order to start making a better impact on the league, they need a 2-0 weekend to secure a higher seed in the rankings. They have what it takes to be a top team, but they need to start showing it. They’ll have to bring their A-game to take down Flyquest in their attempt at a perfect weekend.

  • Austin Oliver

8. 100 Thieves

100 Thieves just can’t seem to find their identity, much like half of the LCS. With a dominant showing against Evil Geniuses, they looked like a well-rounded team. This was certainly not the case when they were promptly thrashed by a Doublelift-less Team Liquid. They’ll need to pull it together as they head into next week with two important playoff tie-breakers at stake.

  • Thomas Santos

9. Golden Guardians

LCS Power Rankings
Via LoLEsports Flickr

Although Golden Guardians have had several strong showings in the last few weeks, they remain towards the bottom of the pack that is vying for a playoff spot. In almost an “every game is a must win” scenario, they play all of the top teams in the league (and CLG). If they do manage to pull off some victories, they will 100% deserve the playoff spot; unfortunately, they will most likely end the season close to where their record is now.

  • James Clee

10. Counter Logic Gaming

CLG are once again at the bottom of the rankings, but it was certainly not for a lack of effort. They won their second game, against TSM, and put up a huge fight against Immortals that went the distance. It might be too little too late for this team to have any major impact, yet it still inspires hope for the future to see this roster starting to perform. One thing is certain, given space and time in-game, Eugene “Pobelter” Park can still bring it.

  • Dalton Jewell

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