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LCS Power Rankings Week 2: Living on Cloud9

eye in the sky part 5

The first weekend of the LCS Spring has just concluded and while there are some surprises, a lot of what was seen in the Lock In tournament is currently holding true. Only two teams made it through the new three games a week schedule with perfect records. There are also two with a 2-1 schedule, five who are 1-2 and only one sitting at 0-3. Here is a look at the Power Rankings heading into Week 2 of the LCS.

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1. Cloud9

Sure it is only week one of the Spring season but combined with their efforts from the Lock In tournament, Blaber and Zven are currently MVP front runners and it may not be close. They have been carrying this team hard while also being extremely consistent. Vulcan has also been very good but not at the level that Blaber and Zven are right now. Once Fudge finds consistency and Perkz is truly comfortable, this team is one that teams all around the world should fear. They understand their goals with each team comp and their precision as they knife through their opponents is artful. Teams are going to have to be at the top of their game and maybe need a few big breaks to knock C9 out of this spot.

2. 100 Thieves

It may not have been pretty but 100 Thieves are 3-0 and currently sit tied atop the standings with C9. This is a major accomplishment for them as they continue to try and prove to the haters that they deserve to be in the discussion as the top team in the LCS. They are a fun team and they are doing really well even while Ssumday seems to be struggling still to fit in. For 100 Thieves fans, this is not something that should worry them but instead should make them excited. This team is a good one and once Ssumday really finds his rhythm with the rest of the Thieves, they will very much be able to challenge anyone in the league.

3. Team Liquid

The loss to Immortals was a strange one to say the least. Revenge and Raes really threw TL for a loop and showed that they are in fact mortal. Once they brushed off that loss, they got to work just dismantling Dignitas and FlyQuest. TL are still getting used to having Alphari and Santorin as well as remembering that Tactical is still a young player that is prone to have a bad game here or there. There is little doubt that Jatt and crew will clean things up and have this team running at top efficiency.

4. Evil Geniuses

Weirdly Evil Geniuses may just have their own tier right now. They are not good enough to beat the top three teams and are better than everyone below them. Because of this, they are in a weird limbo area in the league but it feels more likely that they can go higher than lower. They made 100T fight for everything and then got major carry performances from Impact, Jiizuke and even Deftly who is quietly reminding everyone that he deserves to be up in the LCS. EG definitely have some work to do but credit to the coaching staff who have this team ready to go with their eyes on the prize for 2021.

5. FlyQuest

Josedeodo has been confirmed as the catalyst for this team. Ever since his arrival, they have just looked so much better. Licorice as well is fulfilling his duties of taking the pressure off the rest of the team allowing for Josedeodo, Palafox and Johnsun to have plenty of strong moments. Currently Diamond seems to be struggling the most to adjust. Since this is his first true test in the LCS fans should definitely be patient with him. While FlyQuest may not be top tier right now, they are definitely figuring things out and trending in that direction. They have a lot of young talent with very high ceilings. Even at 1-2, FlyQuest are a team the rest of the LCS should be watching out for.

6. Golden Guardians

Remember when everyone was very convinced that Golden Guardians would be the worst team in the LCS? Well, hopefully those mindsets are disappearing as there are a lot of things to like about this team. They have plenty of young talent and the young part is showing quite a bit right now. They make a lot of mistakes that can be coached out and are still learning how to play with each other. These things will get better as they get more experience. Right now Niles deaths are the biggest concern for Golden Guardians. While he is getting focused heavily, he needs to be less aggressive and more cognizant of the effect his constant deaths are having around the map. He is raw but the mechanics and mindset are there. As Golden Guardians continue to move forward, he will be a player to watch.

7. Immortals

Immortals probably had the hardest schedule in the LCS in week one having to play C9 and TL in the same week. Interestingly they were actually able to beat TL as Revenge and Raes caught them off guard. Had they not given Golden Guardians their only win, Immortals probably would be a couple of spots higher on this list. The team has only just finally started playing together but Immortals fans should be happy to see how well they are already doing. Now that they are past the harder part of the first round robin, they should try to rack up some wins against some of the lesser teams as they prepare for a playoff push.

8. TSM

When saying that TSM are by far and away the most disappointing team in the LCS is a cold take, that’s when fans know that things are bad. Many of the other bottom five teams at least are just trying to figure out who they have for the future. TSM’s goals are much higher than the other teams sitting around them. They were just one bad teamfight away from not only being the only 0-3 team in the LCS but the clear worst team in the League. Luckily they found a way to win and while it may not seem like much, just getting the win should do a lot to help this team’s mental. Week two sees them facing two teams they should in theory beat, if they can’t get back to .500 after six games then changes may start coming for the TSM roster.

9. Dignitas

If the goal is to find new talent and develop it, Dignitas, even while taking their lumps, are definitely starting to do that. This weekend Neo put on quite a memorable performance and Fakegod is certainly looking much more solid than many people thought. Unfortunately, Soligo has yet to impress all that much. Dignitas are seemingly in it for the long haul and know that they are trying to see what they have. That means that all three young pieces are going to get plenty of chances. Even if they aren’t winning much, Dignitas are certainly going to know enough to make some decisions come the end of Spring.

10. CLG

Being the only team to be winless will nearly always put a team at the bottom of power rankings. Even if some of their games were close, they still lost. They were very close to getting their first win against TSM but they just couldn’t put the final touches on what was a clown fiesta of a game to watch. CLG are still waiting for Broxah to arrive and when he does this team should be better. It is not that Griffin has been the problem, in fact, he has looked okay filling in for Broxah. It is more clear that this team needs Broxah’s leadership to help get them out of the gutter. Until he arrives, CLG will continue to be a bottom-tier team.

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