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LCS Power Rankings: 2022 Summer Split Week 2

LCS Power Rankings

The LCS 2022 season started with EG surprising everyone and rising to the top much earlier than anticipated. Now, everyone is playing catchup. Some teams made moves while others stayed put. Week 2 is back to two games a week. Some teams will be playing catchup while others will be trying to push their lead. Here are the LCS 2022 Summer Split Week 2 Power Rankings.

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10. DIG (0-3)

(Last Week: 8)

Through three games, Dignitas have a total of eight kills. Yes, that is correct, eight kills. The next closest team is only one spot ahead of them in these rankings with 17 kills. To put this in perspective, Team Liquid only have six total team deaths. There are a lot of things wrong with this team right now, they will need to focus on fixing one mistake at a time and hope it helps. The one positive is that Dignitas can likely only go up from here. Maybe not in the standings or LCS Power Rankings but at least in their level of play.

9. GGS (1-2)

(Last Week: 9)

A win is certainly a win but winning over C9 in their current state is not much to write home about. They definitely looked better against CLG as well compared to their first loss. The problem right now is Ablazolive looking a little lost and the team not being able to transition their leads from lane. If they can remedy some of these issues they can certainly play at a much higher level. This is especially true if Stixxay continues to play well in lane and Pridestalker continues to find success in the early game.

8. FLY (1-2)

(Last Week: 6)

Where would this team be without Toucouille and Aphromoo? Sure, Johnsun looks solid but a lot of that is Aphromoo. Josedeodo also seems to be back to his old ways. And the FlyQuest staff made a clear statement with Philip. They care more about the future than the now. This team may still be able to overcome it as Philip certainly has potential and Josedeodo showed signs of being solid last Split, but right now FlyQuest are in a tough position.

7. C9 (0-3)

(Last Week: 4)

Even with Berserker and possibly Zven on their way, this was the highest Cloud9 could go, for now. The trio of Fudge, Blaber and Jensen should have at least been enough to take down Golden Guardians. They were not. Luckily for them, excuses abound. They are missing two important pieces, Jensen has been gone for a Split, Fudge is going back to Top and they had a pretty tough first week having to play EG and TL. Should Berserker and Zven return and this team still struggle to come together for some reason, then alarms will need to be going off. The more likely outcome though is that Cloud9 just gave most of the teams in front of them a headstart.

6. IMT (1-2)

(Last Week: 7)

Apparently, this team only had a few scrimms together before playing this weekend. Yet, they not only beat FlyQuest but looked decent against TSM. It is hard not to forget the first game against TL though. One which will likely be the worst game of the year. Truthfully if there were not two teams at 0-3 below them and their win wasn’t against FlyQuest, who beat Golden Guardians, then this team would deserve to be ranked lower. With more time together Immortals should at least be able to fight for a middle-of-the-pack spot.

5. TSM (1-2)

(Last Week: 5)

Of all the two-loss teams TSM certainly looked the best. They threw a pretty nice lead against 100 Thieves and didn’t push their early lead against CLG hard enough. Not saying they should have won both of those games but certainly one could have coin-flipped their way considering how well their early games have gone. In fact, according to Oracles Elixir, TSM have had the best early games in the LCS and one of the worst late games. There is a clear area for TSM to work on and if they do they should be able to take down better teams than IMT.

4. 100T (2-1)

(Last Week: 3)

The lone 2-1 team in the LCS, 100 Thieves look a bit one-dimensional. Specifically Abbedagge. He is one-tricking Ahri which is fine, until teams start to ban it. His laning phase has not been great, in fact it nearly lost them the TSM game and has been the worst in the LCS. Then he gets into skirmishes and teamfights which allows him to hit very impactful charms. Closer has looked solid and FBI is very quietly having a strong start to the season. This team can easily challenge for a top spot. The key is and has been Abbedagge. If he figures it out they will continue to win, if not then this team may not live up to their own expectations.

3. CLG (3-0)

(Last Week: 10)

If anyone had CLG going 3-0 in a pretty convincing fashion on their bingo card then they should have played the lottery instead. The return of Dhokla has certainly been a boon for the team but it is the play of the entire team that has been impressive. Contractz and Palafox are taking well to being more helpful pieces while Luger and Dhokla play more carry-oriented styles. Even Poome has looked extremely solid to start this season. One thing is clear and it has been a strength but could also be a weakness for CLG, they have a great grasp on the meta. Once it shifts, everyone will get to see what this team really is. If they continue down this path even after the changes then they might be one of the most surprising teams in LCS history.

2. TL

(Last Week: 1)

Now, this was the Team Liquid that fans and analysts alike were wanting to see. They are in a perfect meta for themselves and have already played a perfect game. This team looks amazing right now. That said, the reason they are second instead of first is due to the fact that their schedule was very easy. Beating IMT, DIG and a weakened C9 are not exactly big feats. In fact, they went a combined 1-7 this weekend. Week 2 will at least be a bit harder with TSM and FLY.

1. EG (3-0)

(Last Week: 2)

Of the top three teams, Evil Geniuses had the most challening schedule but it still was not what fans would have expected. Again C9 were not really much of an issue and FlyQuest are having their struggles but 100 Thieves only loss was to this EG. Many thought they would have an MSI hangover. Instead, they have shown that even with little practice, they are a top team. Honestly, that is what makes their 3-0 just that much more impressive. They have not had the time everyone else has had to learn the meta. And they are still dominating. Inspired is already an early MVP candidate and should this team be able to stave off burnout until the offseason, they will be tough to beat.

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