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LCS: Deftly “Honestly I feel that as long as we continue to improve as teammates it won’t matter who we go up against”

Golden Guardians may need to replace Hai in the mid-season

“Photo provided by Riot Games”

As I awoke  on February 9th, 2019, I knew it was going to be a golden day, I could hear the call of victory for Golden Guardians. They played against the intended original main roster of Optic Gaming, it wasn’t an easy start but after a few fights they won their first game of Spring, I spoke to Deftly to see how it all came together.

“Golden Awakening”

Jason: Third weeks the charm huh? Congrats on the win, tell me what changes you made this time around?

Deftly: “Well we kinda changed our approach towards playing the game
and working as a team, for the past month and a half we just tried picking strong lanes and brute forcing, finding better advantages and smash the game. Other teams in interviews have said that we’re a really aggressive team and we just pick early game champs, I felt like we did that for so long that we never kinda really connected as a team.

We’d pick Draven, smash bot and win the game in fifteen minutes, but that’s not really the right way to play League of legends and we’re learning that week by week. For this week we really focused on how to utilize our jungler in helping the lanes and to help the jungler in return when the lanes were ahead, it helped the team to mesh together and I feel like today we played as a team and not just five individual pieces.”

“Gold vs. Green”

J: How did you feel going up against Optic?

D: “Honestly it never really feels like anything playing against any other team outside of Team Liquid, I feel like playing against Team Liquid we’re always pressured a lot compared to other teams. When we played Cloud9 last week our play was not good but it didn’t feel like that immense pressure like you’re on a clock, you have to do something feeling. Honestly I feel that as long as we continue to improve as teammates it won’t matter who we go up against.

“Crit, crit, crit”

J: In patch 9.3 ADC’s are getting some changes to their crit items, what do you think about them so far?

D: “So I’ve been spamming a lot on the 9.3 patch in solo queue and it seems like like Caitlin and Sivir are strong, it seems like Essence Reaver is kinda weak given its item build, it gives less AD, cost more and seems like a late game item buy since it gives you CDR. But I think Caitlin is in a good spot, you can infinity edge rush and crit is just back again, Kai’sa seems to be an iffy since they changed Stormrazor so you can’t really spike now with it as a first buy item but maybe you can go AP Kai’sa but it seems like Lucian is still the strong adc.

I think Cait and Sivir will mainly be the two to come back, Caitlin provides a strong laning phase and with the crit build she spikes real hard on two to three items, with Sivir its kinda the same thing since you have a lot of early pressure and you scale really well. You can also go on a different item build for Lucian now, you can get crit earlier maybe even opt out of black cleaver.”

“Week 3 vibes”

J: How confident are you feeling tomorrow against Team Solo Mid after today’s victory?

D: “Today it felt like the team atmosphere when we were on stage was completely different, compared to the past two weeks and I feel if we keep this up we should end up the results from today every week”

Photo provided by Riot Games

Golden Guardians will be playing against Team Solo Mid at 6pm est or 3pm pst. You can watch them on Twitch or you can get your in-game rewards for watching them on the League of Legends website.

You can follow Deftly on Twitter and Twitch!

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