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LCS: Cloud9 vs CLG Semifinals Preview

After earning themselves a playoff bye, Cloud9 are ready to go and ready to redeem themselves from their last playoffs appearance. This Saturday, they face off against Counter Logic Gaming. This matchup seems to have uniqueness and freedom for either team to prove themselves on the rift. How will this weekend go for C9? Let’s break it all down below!

breakdown: cloud9 vs counter logic gaming

Last time these two teams faced off on the rift, Cloud9 won in a convincing fashion. That win from Cloud9 sent Counter Logic Gaming to the Quarterfinals, instead of the playoff bye that the CLG squad were hoping to do on that day. This time around, Counter Logic Gaming are looking to get revenge from Cloud9 in this contested matchup.
Cloud9 Licorice prepping for a game (image courtesy of lolesports via Flickr)

When you look at both teams, it’s very clear of what strengths and weaknesses that they both have. As an example from last game, CLG’s draft was inferior compared to Cloud9’s. Morgana shuts down Xin Zhao’s engages. While Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage was not able to get online with his Azir due to Cloud9 simply taking over the game around the mid-point of the game and not good map awareness with the 4-man dive on CLG’s bottom lane.

Cloud9’s drafts can also have the same issue, but hasn’t call for enough attention as of late. Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi and Tristan “Zeyzal” Stidam have rebounded as a bot lane. Especially during the Week 9 contests against Optic and Counter Logic Gaming, they will be looking to show more consistency together into playoffs against tougher competition. For Counter Logic Gaming, they are looking to prove that their success is not a fluke to the LCS fans. They will be looking to have an edge in drafts and team fighting to Cloud9.

matchup to watch: battle of bot lanes

Every redemption arc has to start somewhere for anyone on that path. Sneaky and Zeyzal will look to start their own against Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang. As noted before, Sneaky and Zeyzal are having a little resurgence as a bot lane duo and it will be a good test against CLG’s, who have been consistent but haven’t been hyped as much compared to other bot lanes.

Analysts have regarded Stixxay and Biofrost  as one of the North American bottom lanes that can play the Sona/Tahm Kench duo very well and effectively. Cloud9 know all too well about that as they were run over by that same duo during their second matchup.

The key for Cloud9 in this matchup is to draft an effective bot lane that excels in team fights. For Counter Logic Gaming, they too need to draft something effective but it has to make sense into Cloud9’s composition and have the same goal as Cloud9’s, but basically be way better at it.

prediction: cloud9 3-1

Cloud9 are looking to not repeat the choke that happened last split’s semifinals. They will get off to a shaky start a bit but will be gelling in and come out in dominant fashion against Counter Logic Gaming. The drafting priority should will mid and jungle but they will also grab leftover power picks left for top and bot lane. This composition along the lines of Gangplank, Sejuani/Gragas/etc, Irelia, Ezreal/Cait/Sivir and Alistar/Braum/Morgana should work out well for Cloud9 for at least one game.

Counter Logic Gaming doesn’t necessary have the same champion pool freedom compared to Cloud9’s. They will look to expand that pool but also be effective at it.

Cloud9 face off against Counter Logic Gaming this Saturday at 2:00 PM PST (5:00 PM EST, 4:00 PM CST.)


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