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LCS 2022 Week 4 Spring Split MVP: Cloud9 Summit

Each week, TheGameHaus will choose one player from the LCS 2022 spring split as that week’s MVP. This superweek Cloud9 Summit overtook the LCS with multiple dominant performances throughout the week and really showed fans the level of a true Korean Jayce. C9 summit earns the LCS spring split week 4 MVP and here is why.

Versus Dignitas

Courtesy of Riot Games

Courtesy of Riot Games

Cloud9 started off the superweek with a game against Dignitas. Through draft, Cloud9 were more focused on getting their bot lane and jungle good picks and made summit blind pick Gnar into Dignitas that answered with Jayce, a known counter to Gnar.

However, this pick didn’t affect Summit’s game and Summit dominated the enemy laner Aaron “FakeGod” Lee by solo killing him three times in the game. At this point, his team is so ahead that the game ends after an uncontested baron for Cloud9 ending the game at 26 minutes with twelve kills to four. Summit, while not the main carry in this game, performed very well into the counter pick.

Versus 100Thieves

The second match of the week, against 100Thieves, proved to be not so one-sided as the match earlier that week. 100Thieves picked up first blood and had good control in the early game.

Summit dies to a gank by the enemy jungler Can “Closer” Çelik, however Cloud9 answers with getting the first dragon of the game, infernal. After this 100Thieves tried to get the herald, but overextends into Cloud9’s jungle and let Summit come from behind and kill three of the players from 100Thieves which resulted in a 2.5k gold lead for Cloud9.

There were plenty of back and forth fights however Cloud9, from the lead Summit created, managed to secure all the dragons. This lead to a fight in the dragon pit where Cloud9 would kill three members on 100Thieves not securing them baron but securing them the soul. Summit was able to get a solo kill on Felix “Abbedagge” Braun’s Ahri as well as letting Cloud9 push in top wave getting a tower and an inhibitor.

Versus FlyQuest

The last match of the week was against Flyquest, who had lost all their matches so far in week 4. Cloud9 were heavy favorites to win it and Summit did not disappoint. He got his Jayce into the Graves and was ready to show what a real Korean Jayce could do.

During the early game Summit didn’t have much to do as the lane was pretty stale for a while up. This was until Cloud9’s jungler Robert “Blaber” Huang ganked for Summit twice killing FlyQuest’s toplaner Colin “Kumo” Zhao putting him really far behind Summit. Summit utilized this lead very well, zoning Kumo away from the tower, getting himself plates, an experience lead and gold.

The next important fight was a fight down at dragon where FlyQuest was able to secure the infernal drake, however, Cloud9 answered with four kills, two of them going to Summit. Cloud9 at this point were up 5k gold over FlyQuest and were in a comfortable position to win the game. After this fight at the dragon, both teams slowed down a bit, fighting over vision while nothing major was happening outside of Cloud9 picking up their third dragon putting them on soul point.

Cloud9 and Flyquest started a full-on teamfight in the midlane and this was where Summit got to shine. He teleported behind FlyQuest and managed to kill four of FlyQuests members securing himself a Quadra kill while his team kills the last person alive giving Cloud9 their ace, and from this point onward the game was completely Cloud9 sided.

Cloud9 got the infernal soul, as well as baron destroying FlyQuests base slowly ending the game at 32minutes and 45seconds with 18 kills to seven favoring Cloud9 securing them the perfect LCS superweek at 3 – 0.

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