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LCS 2022 Week 4 Power Rankings

LCS Power Rankings

The LCS 2022 season started with new strats and a lot of new champions. Fans and analysts alike felt like it was a breath of fresh air. Some teams are holding steady heading into this LCS 2022 Week 4 and others are on the verge of essentially being out of Spring Split Playoffs. It is Super week and teams have had a chance to make up some major ground with games Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here are the LCS 2022 Week 4 Power Rankings.

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10. CLG (LW: 10)

CLG had a solid weekend getting their first win but their second game was not great. That said they didn’t look bad against TL and got their first win against a C9 team that was reeling from the LS news. CLG have a chance this weekend to prove to everyone that their win and subsequent performance against TL were the start of something. If they can take TSM down this weekend then they will likely no longer sit in last and can start building towards a potential playoff push.

9. TSM (LW: 9)

The win against Immortals was a necessity for TSM after kicking Shenyi down to Academy and bringing up Yursan. Using the Support Smite top meta, TSM almost pulled off a 2-0 weekend but faltered at the end of their game against Cloud9. Now with that meta falling out, it will be interesting to see what TSM pull out in a more standard meta. Either way, they still sit 1-5 and have a tough weekend where they play against 100T, TL and luckily (or maybe unluckily) CLG. TSM have to beat at least CLG if they want their continuous playoff streak to have a chance at surviving.

8. Evil Geniuses (LW: 4)

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Once the Lock In finalists and now 2-4. The issues that many worried about in terms of positioning and the team just being generally young have started to bite EG in the butt. The talent for this team is there and this feels like a small setback more than something that should linger. That being said, they need to pick it up this week or TSM and CLG could sprint right past them.

7. Immortals (LW: 8)

Slowly but surely, Immortals are looking like a more competent team. They are playing together and finding wins against solid teams like 100 Thieves. Now, it is whether they can continue this performance or not. Immortals have plenty of veteran talent and that has shown in their resolve but giving TSM their first win slowed that down just a bit. With a win over EG they are finally out of the cellar and can start sniffing that sixth place playoff spot.

6. Dignitas (LW: 5)

Dignitas had a chance to do what FlyQuest did. Many saw them in a similar way heading into the weekend and not only did DIG lose to FlyQuest but then they were stomped by Golden Guardians. Now their strong start can be questioned and the flow they once had is losing its headway. Unfortunately for Dignitas, this coming weekend does not give them a chance to catch their breath. With games against Cloud9, Team Liquid and 100 Thieves, DIG will have to bear down and try to come out as unscathed as possible.

5. Golden Guardians (LW: 7)

After a terrible loss to 100 Thieves, Golden Guardians took out their frustrations on Dignitas. They are still not nearing the top tier as most of the teams above them are still on another level but they are certainly a team that is making progress. With Pridestalkr and Olleh playing better than people thought, Licorice and Ablazeolive doing what many thought they could and Lost finally getting resources, this team looks ready to start pushing for the next step.

4. Cloud9 (LW: 2)

Losing LS hurts this team even more than many will likely realize. They were on their way to a bad 0-2 weekend and found the willpower to fight back against TSM. It was a weird weekend and all eyes will be on Max Waldo heading into super week. C9 have not fallen yet but if it is found out that LS’s magic was all that was keeping them afloat, then it could be a quick decline for a very talented team.

3. 100 Thieves (LW: 3)

The FlyQuest game was a doozy for sure with Abbedagge kind of disappearing in another big moment. For as much talent as this team has, it is odd to see them struggling. Even with this negativity, they are still 4-2 and Closer is looking like a potential MVP candidate yet again. Reapered will find a way to fix this squad and luckily they have time to do so before playoffs. With TSM, C9 and DIG on their docket, 100T could either succumb to their issues or find themselves sitting pretty at 7-2. Which one will happen is anyone’s guess at this point.

2. FlyQuest (LW: 6)

This team is running on all cylinders right now. They had a major opportunity in front of them and they took advantage of it in every conceivable way. Taking down DIG and 100T was a great way to confirm that FLY are good and they are here to stay. Everyone is doing their part and the FlyQuest coaching staff, as well as shotcaller Aphromoo, deserve a lot of credit for getting this team here. While this weekend won’t be a walk in the park, FlyQuest could come out of it at 8-1 and with a nearly guaranteed playoff spot to boot.

1. Team Liquid (LW: 1)

CoreJJ won’t play this weekend for personal reasons and normally that would be something to worry about in terms of the team. Instead, Eyla has shown how talented he is with this squad and should fill in just fine. TL may drop a game, maybe even two but they are so good that those will likely be chalked up as off games. Expect them to continue their rampage heading into LCS 2022 Week 4 super week.

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