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League of Legends Team Liquid

LCS 2022 Week 3 Spring Split MVP: Team Liquid CoreJJ

Each week, TheGameHaus will choose one player from the LCS 2022 spring split as that week’s MVP. Giving his bot lane first blood twice this weekend, Team Liquid player Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in earns the LCS spring split week 3 MVP.

Versus Evil Geniuses

The first game this weekend was versus Lock in finalist Evil Geniuses, with Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki and Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme in the botlane. This was going to be CoreJJ’s first game after he received his green card. He was put on Nautilus into Vulcan’s Leona.

 LCS 2022 Week 3 Spring Split MVP: Team Liquid CoreJJ

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

From the early game CoreJJ dominated thanks to a good counter gank from Team liquid’s jungler Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen they secure first blood.

Despite the first blood going to TL, Evil Geniuses still took the first dragon. CoreJJ set up vision well to get ready for the next dragon where he would die but helped to secure the dragon. Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg was also gifted a kill on Veigar letting him snowball the game from this point onward.

CoreJJ’s good roam timings, shotcalling and willingness to sacrifice himself for the team, earned Team Liquid their forth win in the LCS spring split season.

Versus Counter Logic Gaming

With good momentum from the win against EG, securing the perfect weekend against the weaker team CLG looked easy for TL.

Once the game started Team Liquid once again got first blood in the bot lane with a gank from Santorin putting their bot lane ahead in both gold and cs. Team Liquid continued their snowball in the bot lane either winning or trading one for one and securing two dragons. CoreJJ had a 100% kill participation for 26 minutes showing fans how much TL plays through CoreJJ and what a carry Core can be.

The game was going well until Team Liquid walked too far up and were ace’d due to Palafox and Jenkins coming from behind. This resulted in them losing them baron as well.

However, the gold lead was still in Team Liquids favor which they used to push out the lanes and win the game.

Team Liquid looking unstoppable

TL tied first place after week 3

Team Liquid so far has looked unstoppable so far. With such a stacked roster and CoreJJ finally getting his green card they are surely one of the favorites to win the LCS spring split. With CoreJJ back as the main shotcaller, Team Liquid’s chances of success have increased exponentially.

CoreJJ’s performance wasn’t just an important one for Team Liquid, but also for himself showing fans that he is still NA’s best support. This week marks a starting point for the actual Team Liquid roster and they are looking strong going into the next week of LCS.

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