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LCS 2022 Week 2 Power Rankings

LCS Power Rankings

The LCS 2022 season started with new strats and a lot of new champions. Fans and analysts alike felt like it was a breath of fresh air. Teams that had not been seen in their full form were given a look and while one succeeded the other struggled out the gate. It is a new week and teams have had a chance to make their adjustments. Here is the LCS 2022 Week 2 Power Rankings.

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10. Immortals (LW: 9)

It was yet another rough set of games for Immortals. The one positive, if one wants to call it that, is that both teams they played are in the top five. DIG in particular is 2-0 and TL look to be extremely strong. Even still, Immortals look relatively lifeless. They are individually skilled players but right now they just seem to be on completely different pages.

9. CLG (LW: 8)

It was a tough weekend for CLG. The areas of concern are growing and problems are not being readily solved. Luger has been the shining light in what has mostly been dark for this squad. If CLG want to start winning games, Contractz will have to be better in LCS 2022 Week 2. He has not looked like the EG Contractz but more like the Contractz of old.

8. Golden Guardians (LW: 7)

The first weekend for this team showed a very clear lack of communication. They were taking fights when they didn’t need to and struggled to respond to the Kumo support smite pick. Luckily for GGS, this is something that gets better with time. They will need Licorice and Ablazeolive to be better and hope that Pridestalkr does more than just weird jungle picks. This week will be an interesting challenge for this new squad.

7. TSM (LW: 5)

TSM were in both of their games this weekend despite looking relatively disjointed. Their skirmishing was solid but their mid-game transitioning and teamfighting left a lot to be desired. Keaiduo was a pleasant surprise and easily the team’s MVP of the weekend. That being said, Tactical cannot have another one-kill weekend if TSM are hoping to find success with this new and very young roster.

6. FlyQuest (LW: 10)

Feels bad to put a 2-0 team this low but there are reasons for the lack of confidence. For starters, they played the support smite top lane that was pretty successful. That being said, now teams know to expect and have likely prepared for it. With that, they also almost threw both games late. If this team can have another strong weekend and show that they can find some consistency, then FlyQuest may be the cinderella story of the LCS.

5. Dignitas (LW: 6)

This team has moved itself from cinderella into a potential contender. Another 2-0 team that is probably lower than it should be but right now, things are flowing. Biofrost specifically has been the glue for this team. They are so in rhythm that Blue did die this weekend and River had a rough game against TSM and they still won. Dignitas are looking like their 2021 Spring Split selves to start 2022.

4. Evil Geniuses (LW: 2)

It was a tough loss to C9 that kept EG from having an amazing start to the season. Truthfully, the Soraka would have thrown anyone off their game. Impact tried to 1v9 but it was simply not enough. That being said, it is far from time to even consider taking this team out of the upper echelon of teams. They have a challenging weekend against DIG and 100T but it feels like one they could 2-0 in.

3. Team Liquid (LW: 1)

While TL seemingly didn’t come to play, 100Thieves did in their first game. It is unfortunate for a team with so much talent but it is only a bump in the road against another solid team. If Bjergsen plays Zilean, it feels automatic these days, maybe they test that theory? Either way, look for TL to fight for the top spot again this week.

2. Cloud9 (LW: 4)

LS is either the master of the Rift of the master of cheese. Either way, Cloud9 showed just how talented they are and how willing they are to do what is necessary to win. Summit, Berserker and Winsome looked great while Blaber and Fudge showed why they are the top billing for this team. If they continue to big brain drafts while also having the skill to back it up, C9 fans may not have to wait long to see this team standing at the top alone.

1. 100 Thieves (LW: 3)

The reports of their demise were truly exaggerated. 100 Thieves came out ready to play taking down TL and CLG. They looked like their 2021 Summer selves again and showed that maybe Lock In just doesn’t matter? regardless, 100 Thieves will have a chance to continue their run against a hapless Immortals team and a very strong Evil Geniuses. If they come out 4-0 then they will be sitting very pretty having beaten TL and EG the first time around.

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