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LCS 2022 Roster Predictions: November 2nd Edition

LCS 2022 Roster

The hot stove, as it is referred to during the MLB offseason, is starting to heat up for the LCS in a major way. Rumors and potential leaks are flying around with LCS free agency merely two weeks away. With that, there is still time to make some predictions about where players could go and with the news of Bjergsen leaving TSM, things are still seemingly very much up in the air. Here is the “November 2nd Edition” of the LCS 2022 Roster Predictions.

*Note: Please understand that these are just predictions and opinions, not facts, rumors or leaks and should not be taken as such. Thanks!

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100 Thieves

Top: Tenacity

Jng: Closer

Mid: Abbedagge


Sup: huhi

The 2021 Worlds LCS first seed certainly has a great core of players that could terrorize the LCS for the next few years. With Ssumday sadly having a down year and Tenacity waiting in the wings, it seems like a logical move. For right now there shouldn’t be any other changes, if there is another one it would likely be huhi but that feels like a potential midseason move at this point.

Counter-Logic Gaming

Top: Wunder

Jng: Santorin

Mid: PowerOfEvil

ADC: Luger

Sup: Poome

CLG are under new management, of sorts. Their new GM comes from Golden Guardians and Cloud9 where he was helping to scout and develop talent. While they can’t afford to go all young players, they can grab the 100T Academy bot lane which was very solid last year. With Wunder and Luger joining CLG, they would need for PoE to have his green card to make this roster work. If they did, it would be hard to see CLG finishing in last place again. Look for their Academy squad to be full of even younger players.


Top: Fudge

Jng: Inspired

Mid: Jensen

ADC: Rekkles

Sup: Vulcan

With Perkz likely leaving, there are major questions about this C9 roster moving forward. Rumors are swirling of who they could grab and who they could also let leave. This roster is one that could strike fear into nearly any LCS team. Fudge proved his worth big time last year and keeping Vulcan seems like a no-brainer. This scenario sees C9 losing out on Bjergsen and Humanoid but winning on Rekkles, getting Jensen after his swap to bot doesn’t work out and giving up Blaber to TL but signing Inspired. In all honesty, Inspired would be the biggest pickup here and could be the biggest one of the offseason.


Top: Ssumday

Jng: Contractz

Mid: Insanity

ADC: Neo

Sup: aphromoo

Dignitas are in a weird spot where they seemingly do not want to spend money and made it a point to have as much native talent as possible. This roster has some similarities to last year’s but only the bot lane duo of Neo and aphromoo stay after having an incredible 2021. Insanity is apparently available and he should be a solid upgrade from what DIG had in both Soligo and Yusui. They also take a chance on Ssumday after a down year and Contractz after having a rebound season. This may not be a team that screams top tier but it is one that could be a major dark horse.

Evil Geniuses

Top: Impact

Jng: Kenvi

Mid: jojopyun

ADC: Danny

Sup: IgNar

Evil Geniuses are likely going to go for Chovy again but it is hard to see him leaving the LCK. They also strike out on Humanoid and Inspired in this situation so they decide to go young. With Impact in the top lane for likely his last season before military and IgNar shotcalling and helping Danny grow even more, EG can build for an incredible future. Their money not spent on free agents will go to 100T for Kenvi while they call up potentially superstar mid, jojopyun. This team will probably struggle during the Spring but by the Summer, they could be a serious contender along with having an incredible core for the future.


Top: Finn

Jng: Nxi

Mid: Toucouille

ADC: Tomo

Sup: Eyla

The roulette of top laners continues for FlyQuest. While Kumo certainly looked better, there is this feeling that they try to get someone a little more stable. Finn provides that and should find more success with a team that is better than 2021 CLG talent-wise. Nxi certainly deserves a more serious look along with Tomo and Eyla coming off of great Academy seasons. Toucouille is reportedly coming to FlyQuest which means they may have found their mid laner for the next few years. He is very talented and LCS fans may be surprised when he finds his footing as he could go toe-to-toe with top LCS mid laners moving forward.

Golden Guardians

Top: Licorice

Jng: Svenskeren

Mid: Ablazeolive

ADC: Prismal

Sup: Chime

Golden Guardians committed to young players last season and were very close to making playoffs. This season they keep most of their pieces but bring in some talent at two different points in their career. Svenskeren can be a solid veteran similar to the way that Licorice is. He won’t cost GG too many games and can help Ablazolive take his next step that many should expect. With Prismal finally making his way up to the team to be paired with Chime the present and future of the bot lane should be exciting. Golden Guardians may not be a top-three team but with this roster, they could certainly make some noise and possibly surprise a lot of the top teams on a regular basis.


Top: Revenge

Jng: Xerxe

Mid: Magifelix

ADC: Lost

Sup: Destiny

It is tough to figure out what Immortals are doing right now. With Insanity likely on the move, adding someone like Magifelix makes sense. He finally had the chance to start and was a major surprise in the LEC. With a chance to start in the LCS and probably make a little more money, a move to the US makes sense and he should bring a little better quality and consistency to IMT in the middle of their lineup. Keeping Revenge and Xerxe seems to be the move for IMT and with that, they should keep Destiny after he had a good 2021 as well. That leaves an ADC spot with not too many options. With Lost likely out of TSM, he would be an upgrade for an IMT team that is looking to have an even better 2022.

Team Liquid

Top: Bwipo

Jng: Blaber

Mid: Bjergsen

ADC: Zven

Sup: CoreJJ

The super team assembles here. With rumors that Bwipo is already heading to TL it seems like a safe bet he will end up here. Also this roster would need another native player and getting a former MVP in Blaber certainly wouldn’t hurt. Add in Bjergsen pulling a Doublelift, Zven coming over because of Jensen not working out and CoreJJ being one of the best supports in the LCS already and TL look incredibly good. Steve would need to get that money gun back out in a serious way but it would be hard to see a team competing with this version of TL, especially during the Spring.


Top: Huni

Jng: Spica

Mid: Humanoid

ADC: Tactical

Sup: Treatz

All that leaves is TSM who are still probably running around and picking up the pieces with Bjergsen leaving. Regi said that Huni and Spica were staying which means that the rest of the roster is wide open. He and Parth mentioned a more “developmental roster” but this could be more of a cheeky hint back to the old TSM Academy roster. Tactical and Treatz join Spica again but this time on the main TSM roster to create what could be a very underrated bot lane. Add in that Humanoid is available and that TSM money is spent to bring him over to the LCS. It may take them a little while but this version of TSM would be more than ready to try and get their revenge on Bjergsen and TL.

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Benj November 4, 2021 at 8:41 am

That TL roster is impossible. Given that Bwipo, Zven, and Corejj are all imports. Additionally, Santorin has residency, so the idea of needing to trade for Blaber to have a resident jungle doesn’t make sense.

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