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LCS 2021 Summer Split Week 3 Power Rankings

The LCS teams are still clearly trying to figure out the best meta. This is not a huge surprise as this is only week two of the Summer Split. Only now, they are six games in instead of just four. That difference is already showing as teams are starting to find champions they didn’t play in week one. Now things are starting to get back to even but it is clear that some teams are much better than in the Spring and as they fight for a playoff spot.

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10. Golden Guardians (Down 1)

Golden Guardians are better in Summer than in Spring. They are already one win away from tying their wins in the Spring. Sadly, most of the league is better and they gave CLG their only win of the Summer. With the way power rankings work it is tough to not put the winning team in the head-to-head. That said, it is the only reason why CLG are ahead of them. If GG continue playing the way they are, this might be their last week in the cellar.

9. CLG (Up 1)

Not much to say other than at least they beat Golden Guardians. It is the only thing keeping them from last place. The team is made up of five solid people but right now it is looking like Finn is the only one worthy of a spot on this roster. What is even worse is that their Academy team is not all that great so making moves might not be an option. It is certainly tough to be a CLG fan right now.

8. Immortals (Down 3)

There always seems to be that one team that can win every game they play one week and then lose them all the next. Immortals might just be that team this Split as they looked great in week one and terrible in week two. Sad thing is that had they beat EG and DIG, they would be challenging for a top-four spot. If they don’t figure out a way to be more consistent then they better be careful because some of the teams below them are starting to come

7. FlyQuest (Even)

FlyQuest are another team that are confusing to figure out. Their game against TSM made up for the shutout they had against C9 and then they found a way to lose to Golden Guardians. There is talent on this team and they are able to win games. The problem is that getting shutout almost never happens and it especially never happens to good teams. If FlyQuest want to be considered a good team, then they have to be able to formulate and execute a game plan.

6. Dignitas (Down 2)

It is tough to put Dignitas down here but losses to C9 and TL show that they still are not ready to fight amongst the best just yet. Even though both of their losses last week were to tough teams, the games were not very close. Dignitas certainly have the ability to make waves and Neo is making it clear that he is a top-tier bot laner. That said, right now they are just a middling team.

5. Team Liquid (Up 1)

Team Liquid are certainly looking more like the team many expected them to be. But with the news of Alphari being out until the end of the month, it will be tough to see them beating top teams on a consistent basis. It isn’t that Jenkins hasn’t had his moments, it is more that Alphari is a major reason why TL are so good. TL will need to just ride this out and hope that they can stay near the top.

4. Evil Geniuses (Up 4)

Last week was needed in the worst way for Evil Geniueses. After looking terrible and dropping all three games in week one, they were able to fight their way back to .500 for the season going 2-1 in week two. Danny hasn’t looked bad and Impact was back to his old ways. EG are still a coinflip but when they land heads, no team will want to stand in their way.

3. TSM (Down 2)

Are TSM a coinflip team or did they really misread the meta that badly? The Lucian pick is not working for multiple reasons but most importantly they need PoE to be impactful for TSM to win. They have the ability to be the best team in the LCS but losing to 100T as badly as they did and to FlyQuest by making a terrible Baron call does not inspire confidence.

2. Cloud9 (Even)

A 3-0 weekend shows that the fears of Zven not being in the lineup might have been overexaggerated. He is still a great player but K1ng has looked pretty comfortable for a rookie. C9 are still figuring out their style but the pieces are starting to fall in order for the MSI LCS representative. As the weeks go on, there is no doubt that they will be sitting at the top spot in these rankings more often than not.

1. 100 Thieves (Up 1)

There were some idiots out there who thought this team would need time to come together (this author). Clearly, they are finding their rhythm now and seeing that Abbedagge is already as comfortable as he is, is quite impressive. Looking forward they will have to continue beating the top teams and testing out new strategies but overall 100 Thieves have earned their place here.

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