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LCS 2021 Summer Split Week 2 Power Rankings

Summer has arrived along with the crazy moves and games. The first move to happen in season was Team Liquid replacing Alphari after just one game. Also, C9 shockingly dropped a game to Golden Guardians. Continuing the craziness, IMT went 3-0 with Xerxe looking like he was back in the swing of things. To say that this will be a very hard week to rank teams would be an understatement. Luckily there are still 24 more games to figure out where these teams actually belong. For now, here are the LCS Power Rankings heading into Week 2.

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10. CLG (Down 1)

It is a good thing that this is a weekly installment and that CLG still have 24 games left to play. Otherwise, they would be in some serious trouble. The veterans from CLG looked awful this weekend and other than Team Liquid, they didn’t play what many consider to be top teams. With only one game separating them and Golden Guardians, who they play first next week, CLG fans should be very nervous.

9. Golden Guardian (Up 1)

The additions of Chime and Solo were enough to help Golden Guardian surprise Cloud9 in a major upset on day one. This was partly due to Chime bringing the aggression that Newbie didn’t and Solo stabilizing the top lane. Now Ablazeolive, Iconic and Stixxay are able to play without instantly being behind. Sure, they still lost their last two games but GG are certainly a team that are making headway and one that needs to be taken seriously or teams will suffer a similar fate as C9.

8. Evil Geniuses (Down 3)

If one were to look at the 0-3 weekend they may assume that it was due to their addition of Danny. It certainly was not. The entirety of EG looked off all weekend. They would get some leads and makes plays but then they would either throw or just bleed out. Clearly, Evil Geniuses are going to need some time to iron things out as there is no way they should be this low in the standings. That said, if they continue to play the way they did in Week 1, they are going to be in for a long summer.

7. FlyQuest (Up 1)

There is no doubt that this was the FlyQuest many fans were expecting to see last Split. They looked much more cohesive and at times Licorice seemed to be back to his old ways. Is it possible that more time with Dreams really helped this much? Possibly. But more importantly, they were able to take down Evil Geniuses. This win shows that they are better but the real test will come in Week 2 where they get Cloud9 and TSM in back-to-back games. Even playing those two close will continue to prove that FlyQuest are on their way up.

6. Team Liquid (Down 4)

This whole Alphari decision is certainly one that has fan’s heads spinning. The loss to TSM must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back in whatever the situation was. As for his replacement, Jenkins certainly didn’t seem ready but when the call came, he answered to help them win their second game. It was the loss to C9 and the fact that it really wasn’t close that has knocked them down to sixth. They are still a solid team but until the uncertainties get resolved they will probably hang around in this range.

5. Immortals (Up 4)

“Until they prove differently, they will be sitting near the bottom.” This was what this writer said last week and well they certainly proved differently going 3-0 in Week 1. To say they showed up, especially Xerxe, would be an understatement. The only reason they are not higher in the power rankings is due to it only being Week 1. If they can consistently put up performances like this then they could be in the hunt for a top seed.

4. Dignitas (Up 3)

It looked like Dignitas were on their way to a pivotal matchup against 100 Thieves that would help them solid their status as a top team. Then they lost rather unceremoniously and finished 2-1 for their first weekend back. Luckily these wins were still important ones and showed that last Split was not a fluke. Their drafts were better, until the 100 Thieves game, and they just seemed to already be in a flow. They have a very important week coming up. If they can finish 2-1 or even sweep then they could move even further up these rankings.

3. Cloud9 (Down 2)

Beating Team Liquid could be just what this team needs. It felt like the MSI hangover was pretty brutal for C9 as they dropped two games in a row to Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves before getting that crucial win. There are still issues that Cloud9 will have to figure out and they will need to make sure K1ng is a bit more comfortable. That said, they are still a top team and it feels pretty unlikely that they will drop anywhere below the top three.

2. 100 Thieves (Up 2)

Many were worried when they started off the summer with a pretty rough loss to Immortals. Lucky for them, Immortals are on their way and they were able to take games off of the two teams directly below them. Moving forward though, 100 Thieves won’t be able to just stick Abbedagge on picks like Karma and hope that teams are unable to punish it. He is too skilled and will need his chance to prove that he can be one of the top mid laners in the LCS.

1. TSM (Up 2)

The only other team to go 3-0 this weekend was TSM. This included big wins over TL and a struggling Evil Geniuses. Now they are sitting alone in first place, a game ahead of C9 and 100 Thieves. Their wins were pretty convincing in most regards as they played teamfights extremely well and showed resiliency when needed. They certainly were not perfect and have things they need to clean up but as of right now, TSM are the best team in the LCS.

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