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LCK Week 6 2022 Spring Power Rankings

LCK Week 6

LCK Week 6 starts up on Wednesday, but Week 5 was jam packed with exciting series. Fans finally got a return to normalcy after Week 4’s scuffed rosters thanks to covid. As a result, some huge upsets happened and the rankings changed quite a bit. Here is how The Game Haus ranks the teams heading into LCK Week 6.

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10: Fredit Brion (3-7)

Fredit Brion unfortunately dropped both of their series this week to two awful teams who they needed to beat, Liiv and Kwangdong. Frankly, while these series were somewhat close, losing to the two worst-ranked teams is unacceptable. Once again, Fredit Brion tried to act all cheeky with the Sw0rd and Morgan swaps to their own detriment. Fredit Brion needs to stick to one. Six man rosters do not work in the overwhelming majority of cases. As a result of the loses and roster issues, Fredit Brion deserves the last place spot.

9: Liiv Sandbox (3-7)

Liiv Sandbox picked up a win this week, but against the previously mentioned Fredit Brion. Liiv Sandbox still has consistency issues plaguing the team and can not beat teams that are much better than them. Take for example Hanwha. Hanwha could take a series off Gen.G. It would be an upset, but it wouldn’t be impossible or baffling. Liiv winning against Gen.G is as probable as Kwangdong Freecs winning worlds, it’s not gonna happen. This team can’t play up to higher competition and it showed when they got smacked this week. Liiv probably won’t make it very far this split. They need to try and regroup for Summer unless a miracle happens.

8: Hanwha Life Esports (3-7)

Hanwha Life Esports did the impossible this week, they made the Kwangdong Freecs look like T1. In their series versus the Freecs, they played so unfathomably bad. It was by far their worst series all of 2022. Karis in particular looked incredibly lost on the Corki and kept getting picked off. But okay, bad series happen. What matters is that Hanwha bounces back and they did. They beat the surging DRX in an upset. This team can beat anyone, but lose to anyone. This coming week they have Liiv Sandbox. They need to beat them to keep their hopes alive.

7: Kwangdong Freecs (4-6)

For the first time since Week 2, the Kwangdong Freecs are not in tenth place on this list. Faithful Kwangdong fans managed to survive long enough to see their team actually look improved. Now, before fans get too excited, they beat Hanwha and Fredit Brion. Congrats? Sure, a win is a win for a team that desperately needed wins, but their last 3 are against an Academy team and two weak LCK teams. Week 6 is the litmus test for Kwangdong. Can they beat KT or DK? If so, well, they might of actually done it. But until they do, fans should remain skeptical.

Nevertheless, good job.

6: Nongshim RedForce (3-7)

Some fans might be confused for the placement of Nongshim on this list. Nongshim had a frankly unlucky Week 4. Their Academy team got smashed by a bunch of nearly fully staffed LCK teams. Unlucky. Week 5 though was not much better, they had both Gen.G and T1 in the same week. Absolutely brutal. So while Nongshim may be 3-7 overall, they are easily the best 3-7 team with a relatively easy strength of schedule ahead.

Nongshim are clearly not as bad as their record indicates. Even this week, they took a game off T1. If Nongshim int this week though, they are gonna drop, a lot.

5: KT Rolster (4-6)

KT are really underwhelming as of late. Despite being fifth, they are a team who seems to have very little going for them right now. They took a game of DK this week which is their only saving grace, but the last two weeks has been iffy. From losing to DRX Academy to getting smacked by rivals T1, it’s been rough. This week is make or break for KT. They play Fredit Brion and the Kwangdong Freecs. They need to win at least one of these, but probably both for fans to have their faith restored. It’s a freebee week. They just need to take it.

4: DRX (6-4)

At the start of the week, the DRX train kept on rolling beating Damwon Kia. A great win and a solid continuation of their rise to glory. But then DRX ran into a brick wall, Hanwha Life Esports. Remember how Hanwha is a team that can beat people who are “better”? Well, it happened this week against DRX. DRX got caught in the trap game and got smacked. Karis, samD and OnFleek went to town on the unsuspecting DRX. A tragic end to their surge. The only reason DRX is ranked below DK despite their victory is the surge getting cut short. Will they be able to keep going without the momentum? That question is a lot more up in the air with DRX than DK.

LCK Week 6 is huge for DRX. It’s put up or shut up time.

3: Damwon Kia (6-4)

As previously mentioned DK lost to DRX, but managed to beat KT. At the end of the day this DK roster, while having it’s struggles, is still a contender for the LCK Finals. This week is a huge game versus T1 and a “give-me” versus Kwangdong. DK needs to beat Kwangdong, but a strong showing again versus T1 will keep them high up on the power rankings. Should be a banger series and a banger LCK Week 6.

2: Gen.G (8-2)

Gen.G had a really great 4-0 week. No dropped games. No mercy. Just dominance. Gen.G really only has one true loss this year with their full roster. They are still favorites to go to finals along with T1. The question is, will they show enough these next few weeks to eek out that first place spot?

1: T1 (10-0)

Undefeated. Another week of dominance in the LCK. Honestly, there isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said in this list before. T1 is just really darn good. They play as a team and when someone performs badly, another steps up to carry. T1 plays DK this week along with HLE. The last Damwon series was a banger, so fans should circle this game on their calendar.

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