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LCK Week 5 2022 Spring Power Rankings

LCK Week 4

LCK Week 5 is starting up Wednesday, but Week 4 was a fiesta. From subs due to Covid to really close series, Week 4 certainly changed the LCK landscape. Of course, teams that lost series with subs in are not going to be as harshly criticized. At the same time, teams that won against subs won’t get as solid of wins. With all that out of the way, this is how The Game Haus has ranked the LCK teams heading into Week 5.

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10: Kwangdong Freecs

The Freecs suprisingly picked up a win this week against the hampered Nongshim RedForce. Nongshim was rocking Ghost as their support along with three Academy players. The only player in the proper position was Dread. So despite Kwangdong slamming this series, it didn’t matter too much. The first series of the week versus Damwon Kia went as expected though. The Freecs got bodied.

So what can the Freecs do to turn around their fate? Get it, FATE? Well the biggest issue so far has been Hoit. He has been playing frankly awfully and has crippled Teddy in the Bot Lane. Teddy along with Kiin need to be the win-cons of Kwangdong. Regardless of how it’s done, whether it’s getting a new support or somehow turning it around, Teddy needs something. Kiin and he are in elo hell and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

9: Liiv Sandbox

Liiv Sandbox almost beat Gen.G! But what version of Gen.G? It was a roster with such amazing players like YoungJae in the Jungle and Lospa as Support. Sure, they still had Chovy, Doran and Ruler, but missing Peanut and Lehends hurts. As a result, the 2-1 score versus Gen.G is tainted and Liiv still lost. Furthermore, that win was with Zeri who was banned the next two games.

Liiv really has been a disappointment. While they don’t look as lost as Kwangdong, that isn’t saying much. Their Bot Lane has been arguably the worst in the LCK with Dove not looking great either up Top. This team ultimately is just the Croco show with Clozer having an occasional guest appearance.

8: Hanwha Life Esports

Hanwha is not as bad as their 2-6 record indicates. That being said, Hanwha is unable to win series and that is what matters. Take for example their T1 series. It was a peak trap game for T1. Gen.G was their next opponent and it felt like HLE was overlooked. As a result, samD got Zeri and 1v9ed Game 1. T1 then proceeded to stomp Game 2. Okay, so Game 3, what does Hanwha Life Esports do? They get a massive lead and throw!

Clearly HLE is able to compete. They almost were the first team to beat T1. What they aren’t able to do stands out more though. They can’t finish the fight and clean-up series. For now, HLE needs to be 8th for that reason.

7: Fredit Brion

Fredit picked up a solid win on Nongshim RedForce this week, but much like Kwangdong, this was against a weakened team. A 2-1 win versus NS is still a win though. It is worrying that this wasn’t a 2-0 frankly as it should have been. If Kwangdong can do it, Fredit should be able to. That being said, the biggest story with this week is the odd decision to start Sw0rd over Morgan. Morgan has been doing quite well for Fredit Brion. While not amazing, he has far exceeded Sw0rd in literally every stat.

So once Fredit Brion was down 0-1 versus KT later in the week, they put Morgan back in and he won Game 2. Fredit Brion ended up losing Game 3, but it makes one wonder if they would have won if Morgan started the entire series. Weird roster swaps like this do nothing, but confuse the players and fanbase. If it was against a team with subs to try it out, sure, but against a full KT Team? That’s trolling.

6: KT Rolster

In the first variation from the official standings, KT Rolster is 6th. KT had a frankly unacceptable loss early in the week versus DRX. Now losing to a full DRX roster is fine, but to a team comprised mostly of Academy players? That is not acceptable. For this reason alone KT has dropped a bunch. Fluke losses happen, but when KT is a team already on the playoff bubble, they can’t afford this. The win versus Fredit Brion is frankly the only reason they are not dropped any lower. Do better KT.

5: Nongshim RedForce

Nongshim had a rough week, but due to no fault of their own. Covid completely wiped the roster as previously mentioned in the article. As a result, their 0-2 week is rather deceptive. They had two give-me games this week that were unfortunately dropped due to this. It is fair to assume that a full Nongshim beats Kwangdong at the least and probably beats Fredit Brion.

And while this situation is entirely unfair to Nongshim, DRX for example was able to still get wins. For now, 5th seems like a fair place to put them until their roster recovers.

4: DRX

DRX is finally living up to expectations and it’s so good to see. After a rough Week 1 and 2, DRX has come back with a vengeance proving they deserve to be taken seriously. One interesting thing about this roster is that they have never lost a series 2-1. They only have ten game wins on the entire year, each of which coming from their five series wins. Even their Academy team kept this trend up winning their series against KT. DRX did pick up a legitimate win versus HLE with both of their full rosters later in the week.

DRX is shaping up to be a contender for the title and have a big game versus Damwon Kia in LCK Week 5. If they can win this, DRX will have completely turned around their season.

3: Damwon Kia

Damwon Kia had a really easy week, but it happens. They got two 2-0 performances versus Kwangdong and Liiv Sandbox. Not really too much to say here. They cleaned up series in a dominate fashion versus weaker opponents. Good job. Now they need to keep this performance up in LCK Week 5.

2: Gen.G

It sucks for Gen.G that their big game versus T1 came down to subs. That being said, the roster still did pick up a win despite the challenging circumstances versus Liiv Sandbox. Sure, it’s Liiv, but a win is a win. Gen.G should have their full roster back by the start of LCK Week 5. They have a big game versus Nongshim RedForce before a rematch versus Liiv later in the week. Gen.G is down, but not out. They can still easily surge above T1 if they play their cards right.

1: T1

T1 had a weird week. A close series versus HLE into a joke series versus Gen.G. But at the end of the day, they are the only undefeated team in the LCK. Now to be fair, they haven’t had the Covid bug hit them yet. If it does, like it did to many other LCK teams, T1 could easily drop a series they wouldn’t otherwise. That being said, fans should hope that doesn’t happen.

T1 is 8-0. At the end of the day, no one can take that away from them. They are the best team in the LCK.

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