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LCK Week 4 2022 Spring Power Rankings

LCK Week 4

LCK Week 4 is right around the corner after the Lunar New Year break. Before Week 4 starts, the previous week needs to be discussed. From the Kwangdong Freecs continuing to be awful to Gen G blowing their perfect record, a lot happened this week. This isn’t even mentioning the continual dominance of T1. The Game Haus has ranked the LCK teams after Week 3 and here are the results.

10: Kwangdong Freecs

Kwangdong Freecs are one of the worst teams fans have ever had the misfortune to look at. The Freecs are impressively awful at almost every aspect of League of Legends. They can’t lane, can’t teamfight, can’t be proactive and can’t compete with LCK teams. Nothing exemplifies this more than the worst game of all time, Game 2 versus Gen G. Every one of Kwangdong’s 3 kills were solo kills by Kiin. No one had any assists. Kiin only had kills. Not only that, but FATE did 1.5K damage in a 32 minute game on Tryndamere. This is so bad that even Hoit outdamaged him on Leona.

Kwangdong Freecs fans have an acceptable answer for why they threw their monitor out the window in rage watching this team. It’s at the point where roster swaps need to be made. FATE, Hoit and Ellim are worthless. TSM fans should be happy they don’t have dumpster fire FATE on their team. The CBLOL would smash the Freecs and it wouldn’t even be a competition. There is no reason this team should be as bad as it is, but that is the Afreeca special. They find a new way to disappoint their fans every year. The best thing Afreeca has ever done is lose to C9. Let that sink in.

9: Fredit Brion

Fredit Brion are certainly better than the Kwangdong Freecs, but that says nothing. This week, they beat the Freecs in a convincing 2-0 fashion after losing 2-0 DRX. All in all, Fredit Brion seems to be a bottom of the league team. There really isn’t too much exciting about them. Here is to hoping in the next few weeks, the roster can turn up and maybe make some series exciting or take some wins. Until then, 9th is the best Fredit Brion can get.

8: Liiv Sandbox

Liiv has two really solid wins, one over the surging DRX and one over the really solid KT Rolster. The issue is, they somehow lost to the Kwangdong Freecs in Week 2. So despite the huge upset this week, Liiv still has so much variability that saying they are objectively better than the teams above them seems like a hard case. Liiv clearly has the ability to beat better teams, they just can’t beat the ones close to them consistently. For now, eight seems fair.

7: Hanwha Life Esports

Despite the 2-4 record, Hanwha Life Esports are still a sleeper strong team. Every week it seems that SamD smurfs another series. Now they might not win those series, but HLE keeps it close and exciting. All in all, HLE is 6-9 in individual games meaning that in 2 of their 4 losses came down to the final game. HLE also just slaughtered Liiv on Sunday, so they deserve to be higher. Hanwha is still outperforming expectations, but the question is whether it can continue in LCK Week 4.

6: DRX

DRX is looking so much better than then they did at the start of the Spring Split. After a 2-0 weekend versus NongShim RedForce and Fredit Brion, it’s hard to argue that DRX isn’t competitive. Unfortunately, their losses from earlier in the season weigh them down a bit, like losing to Liiv Sandbox. Frankly, DRX should have never performed as bad as they did with their all-star roster, but better late than never. If DRX beats both HLE and KT Rolster in Week 4, they will jump up a bunch in the rankings.

5: KT Rolster

Aiming and Aria are the name of the game for KT Rolster, but Rascal was the main attraction this week. He dominated his old team in Gen G and gave them their first loss. Somehow though, in a week where they beat the undefeated Gen G, they lose to Liiv Sandbox. Sure, it was a 2-1 series so at least it wasn’t a blowout, but it’s still a stain to an otherwise great week. KT showed though that they are a team that no one should write off. That is worth something.

4: NongShim RedForce

Week 3 wasn’t great for NongsShim, but it’s hard to get too upset with the performance. NongShim had an amazing series versus T1 bringing it to Game 3. NongShim could have easily won the series, but alas, they lost. Their other game was a loss versus a surging DRX. At the end of the day, NongShim is still 3-3 like KT, DRX and DK, but they beat KT in the head to head so in Week 2 so they still have the slight edge. NongShim needs a bounce-back week in LCK Week 4 to maintain their spot.

3: Damwon Kia

Damwon, much like NongShim almost beat T1, but they still didn’t. The biggest issue for DK still lies in the Top Side with Burdol, but the team is looking better every week. Heck, Damwon even lost to NongShim, but what gives them the edge this week is that they beat who they needed to beat in Hanwha Life Esports. NongShim did not. That slight difference gives DK the advantage.

2: Gen G

Gen G is really good, but they also trolled so hard in the series versus KT. It was clear the disrespect they showed KT and they paid for it. The first loss of the season to the hands of their old Top Laner Rascal must have stung. And it wasn’t close. It was a 2-0 dominate win by KT. Stop picking Tryndamere and actually play the game or Gen G will continue to pick up losses. One can only hope that this was a warning for the team and not a sign of things to come. LCK Week 4 is where they need to reassert their dominance.

1: T1

T1 is still undefeated. They have yet to play Gen G, KT and HLE, but the roster is performing so well. The obvious standout is Gumayusi and Keria, but every person on this team has had amazing moments. Zeus has performed beyond expectations. For a formerly benched player, he is making them look stupid for the decision. Sure, he isn’t 1 v 9ing games, but he is doing his job and generating leads. That’s all anyone can ask. Another thing to note is that Faker actually performed really well versus ShowMaker. Usually versus DK, ShowMaker gaps Faker by a bit. Faker this time, looked like he was in control the entire time. That alone should give T1 fans the confidence they need. They are legit.

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