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LCK Week 2 2022 Spring Power Rankings

LCK Week 2

Week 1 of the LCK is over and there were a ton of upsets. The power rankings going into LCK Week 2 are looking wildly different than Week 1. Here is how The Game Haus ranks these teams after this wild week.

10: Kwangdong Freecs

Of all the performances this week, Kwangdong Freecs was the most disappointing. Sure, the T1 series was a hard first game. They got blown out, whatever, next one. But getting slaughtered again by KT is not a good look. Kwangdong Freecs should be so much better than their performance. Unfortunately, for now, they are destined for 10th.

9: DRX

Much like Kwangdong Freecs, the Gen G series was always going to be hard, but the more upsetting performance was versus Liiv Sandbox. So far, DRX has yet to take a game from either of these teams even with a pretty stacked roster. Until they start living up to the star studded talent, nineth is where they belong.

8: Liiv Sandbox

Liiv started off the year with a great 2-0 victory versus DRX. Unfortunately, it was followed up by a sloppy series against Nongshim. Liiv is a team that feels like many people are sleeping on. Are they amazing? No, but Liiv has the potential to surprise some teams this year. For now, they are eighth.

7: Nongshim RedForce

Nongshim gets seventh just due to them beating Liiv. However, they did receive an embarrassing loss versus the “on paper” worst team, Hanwha Life. Maybe Hanwha is just really good, but going into the year, no one could have expected this. The good part about that loss is at least Nongshim took a game. Bad series happen and Nongshim with their veteran players should be able to bounce back.

6: KT Rolster

KT is a team that is hard to get a read on still. They 2-0ed the horrible Kwangdong Freecs and put up a decent performance versus Damwon Kia. Until more games are played, it’s hard to know how much KT will be able to keep up this momentum. For now, sixth seems fair.

5: Hanwha Life Esports

Honestly, it’s shocking that Hanwha is this high. Going into 2022, fans expected this to be a rebuild year, but SamD rejected that principle. He had an amazing Week 1. If HLE can keep this up, they unironically could be top five. That being said, it’s Week 1. This team could still crash and burn.

4: Fredit Brion

Some might scoff at DK being number four. They took Gen G to game three. The issue is, that their win is just simply not as impressive based on early performance. DK could easily jump up to the third seed this week, but until their wins are against better teams, DK should be here.

3: Damwon Kia

Damwon Kia had a really solid Week 1. They took Gen G to Game Three and made the series really close. Their won win though is against KT. This week, DK plays two teams that should bolster up their resume in Fredit and Nonshim. And sure, while these are not Gen G or T1 wins, mid range team wins matter a ton. Damwon is really good once again.

2: T1

T1 started off the LCK beating the tar out of Kwangdong Freecs and their former ADC Teddy. Their second game though, they played their kryptonite, Fredit Brion. Fredit Brion for whatever reason was always able to beat or compete with T1 last year. Once again, Fredit brought T1 to Game Three. T1 won this series, but it showed some shaky play. T1 has an easier week with both DRX and Liiv Sandbox coming up. If they smash these teams like they did to Kwangdong Freecs, fans should not be worried.

1: Gen G

Much like T1, Gen G had a series go to Game 3. Unfortunately for T1, Gen G was playing a slightly better team in DK. For that reason, they earned the Number One spot. Their win quality is also pretty much the same. DRX is just one spot higher than the Kwangdong Freecs. Gen G actually has a harder Week 2 with both Fredit and Hanwha. Wins over both these teams would help bolster the resume of Gen G, even more, to make their first place spot even more definitive.

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