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LCK Summer’s Best Mid Laners

The LCK is full of great players. Among these players, a number of them are standout prodigies in their craft, proving their worth on their respective teams. Playing at the center of the map, mid laners are essential for the success of a team. Here are the top three mid laners in the LCK Summer Split 2020.

GEN.G’s Bo-seong “BDD” Gwak, Damwon’s Su “ShowMaker” Heo, and DRX’s Ji-hoon “Chovy” Jeong represent the pinnacle of mid lane play.

These players have, through many games, proven invaluable to their respective teams.


Courtesy of Leaguepedia

BDD stands as the MVP of the Summer Split. Leading with 1300 points, his main champions include Zoe, Azir, and occasionally Twisted Fate. His engages catch the opponents off-guard, very often resulting in free picks for GEN.G.

On Azir, his most played champion, BDD engages with his ultimate excellently. Catching the opponents off guard, he manages to snowball leads.

While playing Zoe, BDD pushes the champion to the utmost limits, sniping the enemy back-line from safe distances.

During the match between GEN.G and T1 in the Summer Split, BDD even picked up a solo kill on Sang-hyeok “Faker” Lee. This led to a very advantageous team fight for GEN.G, which eventually lead to a victory.

BDD will continue to prove his worth on GEN.G, so keep an eye out for his outstanding plays.


Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Standing at second place right behind BDD, ShowMaker is a titan in competitive League of Legends. His main champions are Zoe and Twisted Fate. ShowMaker boasts a win rate of 80% on Zoe and 85% on Twisted Fate during the LCK Summer Split.

Twisted Fate’s kit heavily relies on positioning. His mechanics are not difficult, arguably one of the simplest mechanical champions in the game. ShowMaker’s strength comes not from fancy plays, but from his incredible knowledge of the map.

He perfectly understands his team’s potential, alongside his own, making consistent game-winning plays.

When he uses ultimate as Twisted Fate, the entire enemy team always tenses up. ShowMaker sees an opportunity, and the enemy team knows not to underestimate his play.

Damwon Gaming, as of now, stands in second place for the LCK Summer Split. ShowMaker serves as a pillar of success for the team.


Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Currently in fourth place for MVP, DRX’s Chovy enjoys mobile mid lane champions. This includes Azir, Sylas, and Lucian. With the mobility, he excels in following up teammates plays and crowd control, relying on fast mechanics.

He has experienced success in the LCK Summer Split on Azir, boasting a 100% win rate on him over nine games. Chovy utilizes Azir’s fast movement to follow up engages set by his teammates, dealing the necessary damage to make for a clean play. His strengths definitely shine on fast-moving champions. His Twisted Fate has a low 57% win rate, who is in fact his second-most played champion in the LCK.

Rather than going for flashy plays, Chovy’s safety is what earns his position as one of the best mid laners in the LCK Summer Split.

Honorable Mentions

Faker – Courtesy of LoL Esports

When considering best mid laners in Korean competitive play, it is impossible to not bring up Sang-hyeok “Faker” Lee. With his long legacy on SKT T1, Faker has proven himself as the best mid laner in the history of League of Legends.

But as he is now 24 years old, Faker’s peak age for competitive gaming has come to an end. His gameplay is only reminiscent of his past legacy.

Replacing Faker is Ju-hyeon “Clozer” Lee.  Having only played a handful of games in competitive League of Legends, Clozer has just begun to start writing his own legacy on T1. Commentators and viewers have high hopes for the young player.


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