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LCK Spring 2020 Power Rankings: Week 4 Edition

As another two weeks of play completes, the LCK standings has begun to settle down as the top teams begin to build a gap over the rest of the field. At the top are Gen.G and T1, both rocking 7-1 records. While T1 took their first meeting, both teams are looking good as they slowly approach their second showdown in Week 7. Until then how does the rest are the rest of the teams doing in the power rankings?

Overall Power Rankings

10. APK Prince (1-7)

9. Griffin (2-6)

8. SANDBOX Gaming (2-6)

7. Hanwha Life Esports (3-5)

6. KT Rolster (3-5)

5. DAMWON Gaming (4-4)

4. Afreeca Freecs (5-3)

3. DragonX (6-2)

2. Gen.G (7-1)

1. T1 (7-1)

KT Rolster: The Roller Coaster Goes Up

Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

After a few weeks of rushing downwards, the KT roller coaster has finally started making its way back up with a three game win streak. Through their wins against Afreeca, Hanwha and SANDBOX, two players that stood out the most in mid laner Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng and ADC Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram. With Kuro and Aiming both taking three player of the game honors through the season, they have shown that they’re the players that will be relied upon for KT to pick up some wins. 

Going into their Week 5 matches, KT will need to win both their series against Griffin and APK Prince to set themselves apart from the rest of the lower tier teams. Where will the KT roller coaster go now? Only time will tell.

Afreeca Freecs: Falling Behind

With losses to most of the top teams along with an upset loss to KT, Afreeca has begun falling behind against the rest of the top teams. While they’re still a step above teams like DAMWON, Afreeca is slowly falling into the unfortunate role of gatekeeper. However, if they’re able to pick up a surprise win against T1 this week then that could quickly change. 

For Afreeca to pick up their win, looks towards top laner Kim “Kiin” Gi-in and ADC Jin “Mystic” Seong-jun stepping up as they have not been performing at the high level that is expected from them. If the two carries of the team are able to step up and show that they’re the best players in their respective roles once again then Afreeca will be competing for the top spot once again fairly soon.

T1: Back on Top

Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

It was gonna happen eventually, it was only a question of when. After a rough start to the season, T1 has finally taken their seat back on the throne once again. With ADC Park “Teddy” Jin-seong becoming the 10th player to reach 1000 kills and top laner Kim “Canna” Chang-dong finally starting to settle in as the starter, the team once again looks unstoppable.

While the question at this point for T1 is concerning how they will perform internationally, the strengths of the teams are all fairly close at the top. So instead, the question becomes whether T1 will be able to maintain their hold of the top spot all the way until playoffs and beyond. While it’s hard to bet against the field, T1 may still be the safer bet this time around.


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Featured image courtesy of LCK Flickr.

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