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LCK Semifinals Preview

After dominating SANDBOX Gaming in a quick 3-0 sweep, SK Telecom T1 continues their amazing LCK playoff run into the semifinals. Now they face arguably the best team through the whole split in DAMWON Gaming. For SKT, this match becomes more important as a victory here locks the team into a trip to Worlds instead of having to potentially fight for the final spot in the gauntlet. In what will surely be an incredible matchup, will SKT continue their run and lock in a spot at Worlds? Or will DAMWON end their run and look towards winning their first title? 

SK Telecom T1

Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

The run continues as SKT continues to impress. Through the whole series, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok was phenomenal as he brought out some familiar champions like Kassadin and Akali. On top of that, Kim “Clid” Tae-min was equally as amazing as he completely shut down Kim “OnFleek” Jang-gyeom the entire series. Finally, any concerns about Lee “Effort” Sang-ho can now go right out the window after their series against SANDBOX. During the series Effort outperformed Cho “Joker” Jae-eup and fit right in with the veterans of the team. 

If SKT is able to maintain their level of play and ride their momentum into their match against DAMWON, this series could easily tip in SKT’s favor. 


Courtesy of: LCK Flickr

After a mediocre Spring Split, DAMWON came into the Summer Split swinging as they have been one of the best teams throughout the split. It’s clear that their struggles from the Spring Split have all led to huge improvements for the roster. Improvements such as top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon has finally become a reliable and consistent top laner in any scenario, and if he struggles, Lee “Flame” Ho-jong is still ready to step in as needed. 

If the team were to have any concerns it would come from their MVP jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu. While he can be the best player on the Rift any game, he is inconsistent and as a result, if he struggles, DAMWON could struggle against SKT. 


With how strong SKT has looked so far in the playoffs, it’s hard to bet against them. However, DAMWON has looked mostly unstoppable in recent weeks and convincingly took down SKT in their most recent match. In the long run, this should be a close series, but potentially DAMWON taking it 3-2.

While SKT has been in great form during the playoffs, DAMWON has been on another level this split. The most important matchup will come in the top side of the map as the solo lanes and junglers will decide the outcome of the match. In this case, DAMWON has the slight edge and should be able to move on to the finals.

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