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LCK Playoffs Conclude: DWG Qualifies for Worlds

The LCK summer playoffs finished a couple days ago, with DWG winning the bracket.

T1 lost first in the playoffs to AF in a match of fiestas. Click here for a recap of T1 vs AF. AF then got swept by GEN.G. GEN.G and DRX faced off, with DRX clutching a 3-2 win, barely securing a victory.

Anticipation was high, as the matchup between DRX and DWG decided the conclusive strongest team in the LCK Summer Split.

Courtesy of leaguepedia

Damwon Gaming and DragonX traded places for first place throughout the entire LCK Summer Split, never yielding first or second to any other team on the LCK.

It was difficult to gauge which team stood stronger, but after the playoff finals, the superior team was made abundantly clear.

Damwon Gaming swept, going 3-0 against DraogonX. Every game, DWG snowballed leads and took almost every dragon and baron. The biggest gold lead DRX acquired in the games was less than a thousand gold, occurring during the very beginning of the first game.

DWG now bolsters their standing as the strongest team in LCK Summer Split.

DWG took first. DRX took second. GEN.G took third. AF took Fourth. T1 finished last.

After these playoffs, DWG’s Su “Showmaker” Heo earned the most valuable player and young player award for the LCK Summer Split. DWG’S Jae-min “Zefa” Lee earned the position of best coach, serving as testimony to DWG’s greatness.

With an 89% win rate on series and 87% win rate for total games in the Summer Split, DWG head to Worlds for their second time.

They proved themselves powerful in this split, but can they continue to perform in worlds? Watch Worlds 2020 to find out!

Courtesy of Worlds 2020


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