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The LCK destruction tour of SK Telecom T1 has reached its final stop. After another dominating 3-0 performance, this time against DAMWON Gaming, SKT find themselves back in the finals for a rematch against Griffin. With both teams looking great coming into the Finals who will take it all? Or SKT’s dominating run reach the finish line? Or will Griffin avenge their Spring Split loss and finally win a title? Let’s take a look at both teams and find out.

SK Telecom T1

Courtesy of: Inven Flickr

Is there really anything else to say about SKT’s unstoppable run through the playoffs that hasn’t already been mentioned in previous previews? The team as a whole continues to dominate the younger players of the region who simply were not prepared to face off against an experienced SKT in a Best-of-5 series as the young players from teams such as DAMWON Gaming were unable to best the likes of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. Now they face the face off against the most experience of the young rosters in Griffin. As long as SKT continues to play at their current level, they should be the clear favorites heading into the finals. 


Courtesy of: Inven Flickr

They’ve been here before, but will things end differently this time? Once again Griffin is set to face off against a SKT squad that has looked unstoppable in the team’s quest to finally win a LCK title. This time around the team will look different but better with rookie top laner Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon in the lineup instead of Choi “Sword” Sung-won. After some struggles through the split in order to fully implement Doran into the team, this will be the final test to find out if it was enough to take them to the top.

For Griffin, their issues and concerns are the same ones that took down DAMWON Gaming and SANDBOX Gaming. First off, does Griffin finally have the experience needed to keep up with SKT through the series and adapt as needed? Second, if they do fall behind in the series, will the team as a whole have the mental fortitude to come back and still win? If the team shows any cracks mentally, their dreams of another title may disappear once again. 


After the previous rounds of the playoffs, it’s hard to bet against SKT. While Griffin is a much better team now than they were when they lost to SKT in the Spring Split, it may not be enough. While Griffin has what it takes to keep it competitive, it’s hard to imagine them taking the series that far. As such, I see SKT taking the series 3-1 and defending their LCK title. 


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Featured image courtesy of Inven Flickr.

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