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LCK and LPL will Face Off in a Mid Season Tournament

With MSI being canceled this year, it was no surprise when Riot announced that Rift Rivals would be canceled as well. However, Riot seems intent on removing the event from the schedule, permanently. In a press release addressing MSI, Riot revealed that the cons outweighed the pros when it comes to Rift Rivals. Please note that MSI has since been officially canceled for 2020, as shown here.

Introducing the Mid Season Cup

With that said, not all is lost for LCK and LPL fans during the mid-season. The top four teams from both regions will cash in a tournament that starts on May 28. While the exact details are yet to be revealed, fans are already getting hyped for the event. What we do know is that it will be similar to worlds, in which a single team wins, versus the usual region winning Rift Rivals. It is currently unknown if this will be an event exclusive to 2020, or if similar events will take place every year.

LCK and LPL will face off in a mid season tournament

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Representing the LCK we have T1, Gen.G, DragonX and Damwon Gaming. JD Gaming, TOP Esports, Funplus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming will represent the LPL. These are the initial teams that were invited to this event. With the exception of Gen.G, these are the same teams that participated in Rift Rivals last year. While the rules might change, the LPL teams are certainly going to look for revenge for the loss suffered last year. It is important to note that it seems like the VCS and PCS won’t be a part of this event.

With the event starting in less than three weeks, there is still much to be reviled. Next week, there will be a follow-up article on the event. In the same article, there will be a look at each of the four teams that will represent the LCK. In the week before the event, there will be a look at the four teams representing the LPL.

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