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LCK 2021 Offseason Roster Tracker

LCK 2021 Offseason Roster Tracker

The LCK 2021 Offseason has arrived and with that fans will be wanting a roster tracker to see what moves their team makes. While the rumor wheel is already swirling, moves will not be able to be made until early November. That said, the first day of free agency will certainly be a hectic one as many of the players will have already decided on their new homes. To keep up with everything, here is a constantly updating piece with the 2022 LCK Rosters and rumors surrounding them.

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Afreeca Freecs

Top: Kiin

Jng: Dread

Mid: Fly

Bot: Leo

Sup: Lehands


Top: Kingen/Destroy

Jng: Psyosik

Mid: Jett/SOLKA

Bot: Taeyoon/BAO

Sup: Jun/Becca


Top: Khan

Jng: Canyon

Mid: ShowMaker

Bot: Ghost

Sup: BeryL

Fredit BRION

Top: Hoya

Jng: UmTi/Chieftain

Mid: Lava/Yaharong

Bot: Hena

Sup: Delight


Top: Rascal/Burdol

Jng: Clid

Mid: Bdd

Bot: Ruler

Sup: Life

Hanwha Life

Top: Morgan/DuDu

Jng: Willer/Arthur/yoHan

Mid: Chovy

Bot: Deft

Sup: Vsta

KT Rolster

Top: Doran

Jng: Blank/GIDEON

Mid: Dove/Ucal

Bot: 5kid/Noah

Sup: Harp/Zzus


Top: Summit

Jng: Croco


Bot: Prince

Sup: Effort

NS RedForce

Top: Rich

Jng: Peanut

Mid: Gori

Bot: deokdam

Sup: Kellin


Top: Canna

Jng: Oner/Cuzz

Mid: Faker

Bot: Gumayusi/Teddy

Sup: Keria

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