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LCK 2020 Summer Split: Teams Worth Watching

LCK Summer Split

The LCK Summer Split can be overwhelming to keep up with, thanks to the time difference, brand changes, and scarce coverage in English. 

As Korean players often set trends in the League of Legends metas and strategies, keeping up with the LCK provides valuable insight and analysis for Worlds. These teams always make for ferocious competition.

To make following the LCK less overwhelming, here are three teams to look out for during the LCK Summer Split 2020. 


LCK Summer Split
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Formerly known as SKT T1, T1 is its re-branded name. The team still features everyone’s favorite Mid Laner: Sang-hyeok “Faker” Lee. Having won worlds three times, and once undeniably labeled as the world’s best League of Legends team, T1 continues to stand strong. 

But after numerous defeats on the world stage, their label as unstoppable giants in League of Legends has been shattered.

With the departure of their incredibly successful coach, Jeoung-gyun “kk0ma” Kim, Faker remains as the only member of the team reminiscent of the unbeatable world champions. As of now, T1 is certainly not the same unstoppable powerhouse they used to be, but this does not mean that they are not a top tier team.  

The new team’s consistency and skill is nothing to be laughed at. Many of T1’s roster are young and upcoming, two of whom trained as SKT T1 trainees. Faker is the oldest and most experienced on the team at age 24. Jin-seong “Teddy” Park is the second oldest at age 22. The other players are, respectively, ages 19, 20 and 20. 

Despite their ages, these young players play exceptionally well, and promise only to improve as they continue to play competitively. Faker may be past his prime, but he still displays his signature outplay mechanics. He continues to wow the audience since Season 3, while many of the other members have just started to build their legacy on T1. 

T1 stands proudly, and is still an undeniably strong team. Though T1 is not exactly what they used to be, they represent a team of up-comers (and Faker) who show incredible promise in the competitive scene. Watch out for T1, as they attempt to bolster their standing in the League of Legends competitive community.


LCK Summer Split
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Previously known as Samsung Galaxy, GEN.G has experienced much success in the realm of competitive League of Legends. After KSV eSports purchased Samsung Galaxy’s roster, the team re-branded. Since then, they have since gone through many roster changes.

Jae-hyuk “Ruler” Park, the AD Carry for GEN.G, is the only member left from the Worlds winning Samsung Galaxy. He continues to carry games using years of experience and game knowledge. The other members have, to no surprise, been swapped. 

In the Mid-Season Cup 2020, GEN.G made it to semi-finals, the furthest out of all Korean teams. They currently stand at third place in the LCK 2020 Summer Split. Their Mid Laner, Bo-seoung “BDD” Gwak, holds the position of MVP at 800 points. In comparison, the runner-up for MVP holds 600 points. Watch GEN.G’s matches to see exactly how BDD has earned his place for the title of MVP.

GEN.G is one of Korea’s most popular teams, with a large fan base, and very high expectations on performance. Not only that, but GEN.G also has many connections to the United States, with an office in Los Angeles. This makes it easier for English speakers to follow and support the team. 

Keep watch on GEN.G in the LCK, and see firsthand how GEN.G has earned its reputation in the League of Legends community.


LCK Summer Split
Image courtesy of Leaguepedia

DRX leads the most points in the LCK 2020 Summer Split, boasting a score of seven to one on their series. 

DRX re-branded from Incredible Miracle, to Longzhu Gaming, to KING-ZONE DragonX, then shortened to DRX. This team’s history of losses motivates them to grow and push their ambitions.

Of the teams listed here, DRX is the most upcoming, and also the least known. They are the only team that has not won worlds. In fact, they have only entered worlds once in 2017, under the name of Longzhu Gaming. They fought valiantly through the split, and through worlds. DRX lost to Samsung Galaxy (now branded as GEN.G) during the quarterfinals. 

Very consistently placing below fourth place in tournaments, DRX finished fifth in the 2020 Mid-Season Cup, having been beaten by GEN.G once again at a pinnacle moment. But now, DRX stands as the most likely to advance to Worlds from Korea, having faced off with and destroyed both GEN.G and T1 in matches. They have come ready for the Summer Split, displaying unrivaled teamwork, their eyes set on Worlds. 

The team’s consistency and performance this Summer Split cannot be ignored. This Summer Split could be the start of their legendary climb to world champions, or could possibly be the peak of their performance. Either way, keep an eye out for DRX, as they attempt to make their mark on League of Legends history.


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