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Jungle Changes Coming in Patch 10.3

Jungle Changes Coming in Patch 10.3

League of Legends patch 10.3 has been revealed, and it is bringing some much-needed changes to the jungle. Several buffs and nerfs to champion as well as a rework for Wukong are also set to release in patch 10.3 The following are the massive jungle changes in patch 10.3 that will shift the metagame in League of Legends.

Monster Hunter Buffs

The Monster Hunter passive on the jungle items is receiving a buff that will allow junglers to gain more experience. Each large monster will grant 60 experience instead of 50. The first large monster bonus experience is being reduced to 150 from 165 to compensate for this change. The penalty for farming minions is also being changed to allow jungle to farm minions at the later stages of the game.

Krugs, Blue and Red Buffs

Jungle Changes Coming in Patch 10.3
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The Krug camp is receiving a buff that will provide more incentive for junglers to clear the camp more often. The total experience that krugs give is increasing from 160 to 175, and the total gold is increasing from 125 to 135. The experience and gold distribution is also being rearranged to provide more on the smaller Krugs to incentive clearing the entire camp. Blue and red buff are receiving a small experience increase from 110 to 115.

Monster Camp Scaling

The experience scaling on monster camps is also receiving an increase. This increase will not affect camps that are levels one through three or seven. Experience scaling for camps that are levels four through six will grant slightly more experience.


Falling behind while jungling in season 10 is difficult to come back from. These changes should allow junglers to farm a bit more to be closer in levels to the people that have their own lanes. It will be interesting to see how farming based jungle champions can benefit from these changes.


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