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Isolde Potentially Leaked as League of Legends’ New Champion

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At the beginning of the year, League of Legends and Riot Games announced The Ruined King Viego was coming to the game. With his announcement, they also revealed that the next three champions to come in 2021 would all revolved around him. A little over a month after joining Summoners Rift and asking everyone where his wife Isolde is, it seems as though she may have been leaked as the next League of Legends Champion.


In a Surprise, Gwen will be the next League Champion, not Isolde

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According to @streamiebr, a Brazilian leaker who has correctly leaked champions like Lillia, Yone and Seraphine, Isolde might be the next champion. She specifically is speculating that Isolde is going to get a Battle Academia skin. The fact that she mentions Isolde along with the next champions to get skins could mean that even if Isolde is not the next champion to come out, she could be coming to League of Legends soon.

When discussing the next three champions to come out, one was mentioned to be a seamstress that would be an AP bruiser in the top lane. According to Redmercy as well, Isolde was known to be a seamstress. This would also point to her being the next champion as it was already revealed that the seamstress champion was next in line.

If this is the case then Isolde could be coming to the PBE here in the next couple of weeks with her full release coming sometime soon after that. Hopefully, there will be a video soon showing her and her abilities.

As a quick reminder, this is not a confirmed leak or even a confirmed champion. This information comes from a leaker and should be taken as just a rumor for now.

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