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Is the Win Streak a Fluke? Vivo Keyd Week 4 Preview

Vivo Keyd

After an 0-2 start in the first week of the CBLoL, Vivo Keyd have gone on to boast a seemingly impressive  4-0 record in the following weeks of play. However, despite the perfect record, these victories are far from perfect.

Vivo Keyd
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

One of the major weaknesses Vivo Keyd have shown is their lackluster Baron setups. In their week two game against paiN Gaming, Vivo start the Baron after taking down jungler Yoon “SeongHwan” Seong-hwan. However, by this time, three members of paiN are up and rushing towards the Baron. In addition to this, Vivo also failed to secure mid priority and control vision in the quadrant behind the Baron pit. This lack of vision is what costs them the most, as the teleport from Thiago “tinowns” Sartori’s Lissandra traps three members in the Baron pit and paiN clean up this fight easily.

The following game against INTZ showed a similar failure around the Baron pit. Despite following the steps correctly this time around, INTZ just responded by clearing out that vision and pushing mid back in their favor. With the entirety of INTZ rushing towards the pit Vivo Keyd make a split call. Some members stay on the Baron, while others look to distract. This results in INTZ stealing the Baron away while trading kills evenly.

However, these mistakes are common with inexperienced teams. It will be up to the coaching staff of Vivo Keyd to catch these mistakes and teach them how to correctly play around this important objective.

Vivo Keyd vs KaBuM! e-Sports

The final opponent of the first Round Robin is KaBuM! e-Sports. In the previous week of play, KaBuM! picked up their first victory of the 2020 season against paiN gaming. Led by the early playmaking of top laner Lee “Parang” Sang-won and jungler Na “Wiz” Yoo-joon, KaBuM! snowballed their early lead into a decisive victory. KaBuM! have shown decent early games against their opponents, but have failed to close out on any of their victories before last week. Currently, the mismatch in this game comes from the top lane. KaBuM!’s top laner Parang has been the consistent strong point for this team, and while Leonardo “Robo” Souza has looked more comfortable on the Renekton he is still struggling on this lineup.

Vivo Keyd
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

This game also features the battle of the CBLoL rookie mid laners. So far, Júlio César “NOsFerus” Cruz has looked to be the stronger of the two. NOsFerus has particularly looked great on AP assassins like LeBlanc and Ekko. KaBuM!’s mid laner Arthur “Tutsz” Peixoto Machado had previously been a Kassadin one trick, and still is quite proficient on the champion. Kassadin excels against AP assassins, but at the cost of any early pressure. Kassadin also takes time to scale up into a legitimate damage threat. If Kassadin is picked from KaBuM!, Vivo Keyd could counter this by picking a strong AD jungler to secure the strong mid-jungle 2v2 and using this to create leads in the early game.

Despite KaBuM! making large improvements between each week of play, it will most likely not be enough to take down Vivo Keyd this week.

Vivo Keyd vs Prodigy Esports

The last time these teams met, Prodigy won in an extremely one-sided fashion. While each member of Vivo Keyd did not play particularly well, top laner Robo failed to make use of his counter-pick. Playing Conqueror Zac into Kennen, this matchup trends towards Zac due to a combination of great gank assist and sustain from his passive.

Vivo Keyd
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Going into the rematch, Vivo Keyd has momentum on their side, but this will certainly be a close match. The key matchup to watch here is the mid lane. NOsFerus has been a major part of Vivo Keyd’s four game win streak. His ability to find flank angles on LeBlanc and Ekko were key to creating leads. Securing a winning matchup for NOsFerus should be a massive focus of the draft phase of this game.

In addition to NOsFerus, another great source of improvement for Vivo Keyd has been ADC Augusto “Klaus” Clauss. During week three, Klaus had excellent performances against both FURIA Uppercut’s João “Alternative” Parada and Redemption POA’s Im “Patrick” Jin-hyeok.

However, Robo will be up against young top laner Francisco Natan “fNb” Braz”, who has has been a mostly consistent strong point for Prodigy. Renekton will be a key pick in this matchup, with both players having great performances on the champion.

This game could easily go either way, with the draft phase being the most important factor in which team gains an advantage.

As the first third of the season wraps up, Vivo Keyd are looking to keep this momentum moving forward to keep this top four spot throughout the rest of the season.

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