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Introducing the LPL Top Laners of Worlds 2020

As teams are locking in the final spots at Worlds, the main League of Legends event of the year is around the corner. With Worlds happening in China, the teams that will represent their home have already been decided. TOP, JDG, Suning, and LGD will represent China at Worlds this year. The next few articles leading up to Worlds will break down the individual players of each team. Today’s article will focus on the top laners for each team, starting out with the champion top laner, 369.

369 – Top Esports

Introducing the LPL Top Laners of Worlds 2020
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Joining the Topsports Gaming family at the end of 2018, 369 had a quiet start to his career. Despite being a young and promising player, being next to Knight meant he received a lot less attention as a player. In the beginning, he also shared time with Moyu, who is still the substitute top laner.

However, coming into 2020, things changed for 369. With new players coming into the roster, 369 started receiving more attention on the top side of the map. With a natural talent to play bruisers, 369 started to become one of the most reliable top laners in the league. Fans used to joke that he would either roll a 3, a 6, or a 9 when it comes to how he would play. This year, it felt like he only rolled nines.

Reliable picks: Renekton, Mordekaiser, Aatrox and Jayce


Zoom – JD Gaming

Introducing the LPL Top Laners of Worlds 2020
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Since the start of his career in the LPL, Zoom has played alongside Yagao on JDG. Nicknamed “The Dumpling Brothers” by Chinese fans, the duo rose in popularity, as it seems like they improve with every split. Ever since the start of his career, Zoom has always impressed both fans and players alike. Now, he is often brought up in discussions for “Best top laner in the world”.

This year was different for Zoom. Previously, he would always play carry champions and be a damage threat from the topside. However, with Kanavi joining the roster, Zoom was able to switch to a tanky playstyle. And that is where he shines the most, on reliable engage heroes that he can frontline for days with. That being said, Zoom always has his Camille, his Illaoi, and his Gangplank sitting in his back pocket, waiting for their time to play.

Reliable picks: Ornn, Volibear, Camille and Gangplank


Bin – Suning

Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Suning has always had a habit of developing new players. Despite the org not being one of the old guard, Suning still carries a respectable weight in the LPL. Bin is one of the players to have been developed by Suning. After consistently performing on the academy team in 2019, he got promoted to the main squad.

Spring didn’t go as planned, as Bin was one of the players affected by the lockdown due to Covid-19. However, coming into summer as the sole top laner for Suning, Bin started to show his talent as a top lane. Despite not getting the same amount of attention that the top laners mentioned above receive, Bin makes do and still shows up to every team fight.

Reliable picks: Renekton, Gangplank, Jayce and Wukong


LangX – LGD

Introducing the LPL Top Laners of Worlds 2020
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

After a poor performance and being heavily criticized by fans in spring, LangX left RNG to join LGD. Teaming up with other veteran players in Peanut, Xiye, and Kramer, LangX was able to once again return to his roots. While he had the assignment of playing weakside bruisers on RNG, LGD allowed him to return to split pushing threats, picks that he always thrived on.

LangX has always enjoyed receiving jungler attention. Back in his Suning days, he would often team up with H4cker to take over the top side of the map. Now with Peanut, his strategy remains very much the same. Only this time, he has the added bonus of Xiye. With picks like Galio and Twisted Fate, you never know when LangX’s skirmishes will turn into all-out brawls.

Reliable picks: Camille, Ornn, Renekton and Volibear


And that concludes today’s article on the LPL top laners that will be at Worlds 2020. Come back next Friday to discuss the junglers that will represent the LPL.


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