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Immortals releases sOAZ, Eika, GoToOne, Altec and Gate; sOAZ to Take a Break from Pro Play

Immortals released Altec, sOAZ, Eika, Gate, and GoToOne.

In a Twitter update Monday, Immortals released Altec, Gate, sOAZ, Eika and GoToOne from their Academy and LCS rosters. The short, straightforward announcement thanked the players and coach for their time on Immortals and wished them luck in the future. So far, Immortals has not given any further information regarding their roster.

This is the first major move in the off-season period for 2021 LCS. The roster release follows Immortals’ disappointing eighth and tenth place finishes across 2020. They went through various iterations of sOAZ, Allorim, Xmithie, Potluck, Insanity, Eika, Altec, Apollo, Hakuho and Gate over the course of the year, but ultimately Allorim-Xmithie-Insanity-Apollo-Hakuho played 14 of 18 matches in Summer Split. Immortals also released Head Coach Zaboutine and General Manager Keaton after the 0-4 start to Summer Split.

sOAZ, Eika and GoToOne’s Responses

sOAZ published a Twitlonger, announcing a break from pro play. He stated, “I think it’s for the better that i make the decision to take a year off from playing.” sOAZ expressed an interest in coaching for 2021, before possibly returning to the Rift as a player.

Eika also took to Twitter, saying “This year has been a roller coaster of emotions, a lot of unfortunate events happened but it is what it is. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.” GoToOne tweeted “Despite the results I had a really great experience and a lot of good memories,” followed by a picture of him, sOAZ and Eika, expressing “No matter what you see or what people say, these 2 guys deserve all the happiness in the world. They are very high talented players and are the best of what you can looking for in this industry. Shiny personalities, best teammates, best memories, best friends.”

2021 should look very different for Immortals. The organization has released almost all of its coaching staff and half of its League of Legends players. They have not announced anything regarding Allorim, Potluck, Xmithie, Insanity, Apollo or Hakuho.



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